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Synonyms for inevitableness

the quality of being unavoidable

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As we started to leave the building and hunt for a seat, a small woman, possibly thirty years of age, with a washed-out complexion of the farmer's wife sort, darted up to him in a bird-like way, for all the world like the darting veering gulls over our heads and fastened herself to his arm with the accuracy and dispatch and inevitableness of a piece of machinery.
THERE seems to be a sense of inevitableness in Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee's candidature for the presidency of the republic.
Death, it assures us, will come sooner or later--in this case, sooner--with all its insidious inevitableness.
No more procrastination left to do, and I am left facing the overwhelming inevitableness of work or university.