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not of basic importance

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Do we not see around and among us men and peoples who no longer have any essence or identity--who are delivered over, so to speak, to their inessentiality and their inactivity--and who grope everywhere, and at the cost of gross falsifications, for an inheritance and a task, an inheritance as task?
But "Premium Rush" deftly straddles the line between stupid and clever for the entirety of its brisk running time, wearing its inessentiality on its sleeve, and though B.
And it is this appropriation of impropriety and inessentiality as the unique being that makes the whatever singularities exemplar.
Decolonisation 'transforms spectators crushed with their inessentiality into privileged actors, with the grandiose glare of history's floodlights upon them [.
I showed how the inherently immediate and object-directed nature of our sense experience--the fact that sense consciousness is immediately absorbed in what is appearing to it, in the vivid presence of what is showing itself, rather than in the movement of its own being conscious of it--generates a commitment to the independent being and truth of this self-showing object, as well as to the inessentiality of consciousness itself for determining the truth of its object.
That both of the poems considered here are classics brings home with particular force metaphor's inessentiality (Aristotle notwithstanding) to poetic success.