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During the hearing, Njenga complained the judge 'inescapably exhibited undue hostility' towards him and further alleges he deliberately refused to record his submissions.
His artwork seems to embody the city as a single, united organism, an inescapably vast presence that engulfs the canvas.
The experience of standing next to a mighty oak sloshing the water with your foot to make the decoys move and bob like a bunch of ducks mobbing succulent nuts blended with some great calling as the greenheads inescapably backpedaled ...
A few airlines are paving the way (Virgin Atlantic cut its emissions per mile travelled by 22 per cent in ten years), even though the vast majority still see their business as inescapably linked to fossil fuels.
It is inescapably sad to accompany an elderly lady while she ponders the persons and places she has outlived.
Perhaps I may not be Inescapably, right in connection with it.
He said that the Today programme will continue but "it is inescapably a moment of change because you can't sit in this chair, working with such talented and decent producers, without being woven into the fabric of the programme, which I am, with all the presenters down the years - especially Sarah (Montague), Justin (Webb) and Mishal (Husain) in recent times, as well as my old friend here with whom I started and with whom I now finish.
In consequence, our actions as Christians become inescapably political, the building of a city that abides.
The body of the book covers the intellectual and social community of management research, its intended purpose, philosophies of knowledge employed, methods, theory, and the ethical and methodological concerns behooving the researcher who will inescapably be embedded in some organization with managerial dynamics.
But according to T., it is on the cross that Jesus undertakes "penal substitution"--that is, on the cross Jesus "endured and exhausted the destructive divine judgment for which we were otherwise inescapably destined and so won for us forgiveness, adoption and glory" (175).
We are inescapably absorbed in this hot invasive thriller.
We are inescapably physical entities, although not in a reductionistic sense.
The storyteller's encyclopedic tales of the town's inhabitants lead inescapably toward the trauma of a nearby coal mine's disastrous collapse.
"This inescapably leads to poor results," Genov stated.