inertial mass

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(physics) the mass of a body as determined by the second law of motion from the acceleration of the body when it is subjected to a force that is not due to gravity

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The 6-axis force sensing part consists of (1) force shell, (2) pretension nut, (3) cover, (4) pretension bolt, (5) piezoelectric quartz crystal chip group unit, and (6) pedestal; the 6-DOF acceleration sensing part consists of (7) pretension bolt, (8) inertial mass, (9) piezoelectric quartz crystal chip group unit, (10) pedestal, and (11) acceleration shell.
Some consider relativistic mass to represent an actual increase in the inertial mass of a body [12].
Then we propose that the inertial mass of the proton [m.sub.p] is proportional to a five-surface area in the curved momentum space lattice, this surface area being a derivative from a six-volume.
(4,1) we call m inertial mass. Consider in this respect that just this mass must somehow appear also at right hand side of eqs.
A particle such as the photon has no inertial mass since it is subjected to only absorption and emission, but not acceleration and deceleration.
In the later studies, Haitch, Rueda and Puthoff [23] studied an accelerated charged particle under the influence of zeropint field and obtained a relation for inertial mass of a charged particle which is similar to (3).
This force can be predicted to some extent using a new model for inertia that has been applied quite successfully to predict galaxy rotation and cosmic acceleration, and which assumes in this case that the inertial mass of photons is caused by Unruh radiation and these have to fit exactly between the cavity walls so that the inertial mass is greater at the wide end of the cavity.
In simple terms, the former, also called inertial mass, is what causes a car's fender to bend upon impact of another vehicle, while the latter, called gravitational mass, is commonly referred to as "weight."
Apart from the housing, magnetic fluid, and a nonmagnetic body as the inertial mass, the main structure of this accelerometer contains six driving coils and twelve sensing coils.
It is also expected to be resisted by the supplycrats with the full splendor of their collective inertial mass.
This new process predicts inertial mass [10] and [11] and also predicts deviations from the standard inertial mass that explains the galaxy rotation problem without the need for dark matter [12] and also cosmic acceleration [13].
where m is the passive gravitational mass and n is the inertial mass. It should be noted that RKD, as mentioned above, used three bodies: two of aluminium (Al) and one of gold (Au).
The principle of operation of a vibration absorber is to put a second spring and inertial mass system in series with the primary system.
A Hungarian physicist, Roland Eotvos (1848-1919), saw that if the gravitational mass and the inertial mass were truly identical, then objects in a given gravitational field would always drop (in a vacuum) at the same rate, regardless of mass.
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