inertial guidance system

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Prithvi, which has features to deceive anti-ballistic missiles, uses an advanced inertial guidance system with manoeuvring capabilities and reaches its target with a few metres of accuracy.
Navy's Trident D5 missile guidance system, Draper Laboratory oversees the MARK 6 MOD 1 development team of more than 700 engineers from Draper and its major subcontractors as it modernizes the missile's MARK 6 inertial guidance system. The goal is to extend the life of the MARK 6 to 2042 while lowering the Navy's future maintenance and support costs and providing a flexible architecture to support new missions and upgrades.
They can be programmed to move autonomously with an inertial guidance system. A laser system can detect obstacles--say, a forklift parked in an unexpected place, or a wandering pedestrian--Terry said.
The brain trust that brought the world some of the most significant scientific breakthroughs--the first electric self-starter, first moon car and the aircraft inertial guidance system used on the Boeing 747, among other developments--had become a victim of downsizing as the automaker's market share began to tumble and leaders began to chip away at what were considered unneeded costs.
The addition of an inertial guidance system coupled with a Global Positioning Satellite system has improved the accuracy of the rocket to significantly less than 5 meters.
up to 18 km) relies on its own inertial guidance system. For longer ranges, a datalink is used with final attack performed by the semi-active laser seeker.
Having decided that, the planners now also propose using an inertial guidance system such as flight simulators use for pointing the telescope.