inertial guidance

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a method of controlling the flight of a missile by devices that respond to inertial forces

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The brain trust that brought the world some of the most significant scientific breakthroughs--the first electric self-starter, first moon car and the aircraft inertial guidance system used on the Boeing 747, among other developments--had become a victim of downsizing as the automaker's market share began to tumble and leaders began to chip away at what were considered unneeded costs.
The addition of an inertial guidance system coupled with a Global Positioning Satellite system has improved the accuracy of the rocket to significantly less than 5 meters.
The GMLRS is an all-weather, precision-guided rocket that uses GPS-aided inertial guidance to increase accuracy.
One measures pipe wall thickness using ultrasonics; and one detects pipe movement and changes in shape using inertial guidance technology.
Blumhagen retired in 1987 after a career in aerospace systems engineering and management; he helped design inertial guidance systems for submarines, missiles and aircraft.
Inertial guidance systems on-board aircraft, cued at accurately surveyed airports, can maintain accuracies of better than 1 or 2 km/hr of flight.
Using well-chosen examples--among them, the growth of microwave electronics and the early history of what would become Silicon Valley at Stanford and the creation of Lincoln Laboratory and the development of inertial guidance at Charles Stark Draper's Instrumentation Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)--Leslie details the ways in which new federal support shaped science itself.
AFM could even be used to develop low-cost inertial guidance systems for automobiles and bicycles, says TopoMetrix's Paul West.
Having decided that, the planners now also propose using an inertial guidance system such as flight simulators use for pointing the telescope.
The vehicle features a inertial guidance system, ensuring millimeter positioning accuracy in front of the winder.
With the help of Inertial Guidance and IR Seeker the Missile moved for interception.
Sources said the Prithvi-11 missile was ingenuously developed in India and uses Advanced Inertial Guidance System with maneuvering trajectory to reach targets with reasonable accuracy.
According to an article on the site, ideally a micro-PNT (microtechnology for positioning, navigation, and timing) chip can be developed to support GPS-free inertial guidance for at least 20 minutes with fast warm-up and low power drain.
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