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An inert gas exists in the combustible gas, meaning that the inert gas molecules participate in the collision but that there is no reaction in the gas mixture.
You can use one cylinder of chemicals as opposed to 10 cylinders of inert gas for the same coverage.
The airlines now have an excuse for not adopting the inert gas solution.
Linus Pauling (see 1931) had pointed out that the inert gas atoms grew less inert as their atomic number increased, so that those with higher atomic numbers might be induced to form a bond with fluorine, which was the most active of all elements and the most apt to snatch an electron from unlikely places.
Many coffee roasters are packing ground coffee in an atmosphere of inert gas such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide to prolong shelf life.
Its "Green" On-Board Inert Gas Generation System (GOBIGGS[TM]) eliminates the probability of fuel tank ignition or explosion by dramatically reducing the oxygen and fuel vapor in the fuel tank.
Fire alarm / fire control center for 4 fire fighting areas 20 optical smoke detectors bottle battery inert gas with 32 bottles of nitrogen, Capacity 700 kg approx.
Use of inert gas before the process to maintain inert headspace in the bottling tank, inline, to inert bottles before and after filling, at corking, for purging of caps (yes/no and type), and at the end of a bottling run
The FlexStream System dilutes the emission from permeation or diffusion tubes with an inert gas, typically nitrogen or zero air, to create trace concentration (ppm.
To harness the energy produced by these inert-gas primary points, devices have been constructed in which the inert gas is electromagnetically stimulated.
GEW has incorporated nitrogen into its N2 UV lamp head system for inert gas atmosphere curing of inks and coatings, and coupled the technology with its new e-Brick electronic power supply.
It uses numerous energy-saving technologies--such as solar-energy generation on the metal roof panels and water heating just under them, BASF's Ultra-Cool reflective coating on the roof, under-floor heating with XLPE water pipes, and dual-pane windows with inert gas between the panes.
The new series of posters covers: Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Welding; Welding with Cored Wires; Manual Metal Arc (MMA) Welding; Oxy-Fuel Gas Cutting and Welding; and Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding.
Thereafter a slight overpressure is built up with inert gas, after which the vacuum chamber opens and the products are transported to the sealing machine without any sliding, jerking or bumping of the containers.