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not liable to error

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35) The important thing for Rogers was a foundation in conservative principles, such as an inerrant reading of Scripture.
Scripture is the best "word" we have in trying to understand the will of God for us, but it is not inerrant.
The belief that there is one set of religious teaching that clearly contains the fundamental, basic, intrinsic, essential, inerrant truth about humanity and deity; that this essential truth is fundamentally opposed by evil forces which must be vigorously fought against .
She notes that for women no less than men "the Bible bears a variety of kinds of religious authority: guide for conduct, rule of faith, inerrant source of truth (factual and/or moral), and revelation of God.
Because they are not inerrant, they can make mistakes.
He could no longer affirm a Jesus by means of a claim to the inerrant scriptures through which he had entered Christianity.
He bases this argument on his belief that the Koran is considered to be the literal and inerrant word of God and challenges us to nd even one Muslim who believes 'the Prophet got it wrong'.
From this perspective, the sacred text is held by believers to be divine, authoritative, inerrant, eternal, and self-interpretive; and it is the principle of intratextuality, as opposed to intertextuality, that reveals to the fundamentalist the ultimate Truth contained in the sacred text.
To move forward, we'll have to accept that our history, however sacred and deeply embedded in our culture (most of us drink the Kool-Aid in seventh-grade Texas history), really isn't inerrant scripture after all; our perspective on the past changes with time, cultural and political maturity, and new information," Ennis concluded in his 2006 column.
It was not until Pius XII's Divino afflante Spiritu (1943) clearly pointed out the existence of different literary genres in the Bible that the magisterium was able to encourage a move away from a sense of Scripture as a series of inerrant propositions.
And we have often failed to present a convincing rationale as to how, if the Bible is not inerrant, it is authoritative, especially when some people's experience of the Bible has been as an authoritarian tool to beat up others while other individuals view much of it as irrelevant to twenty-first-century culture: lovely bits about Jesus, but the rest is rather archaic.
And that management has to be unbiased, universal and independent if its going to work--not caring who issues the encryption or in what departmental silos it resides (one cannot be both the issuer and manager of encryption simultaneously--too many inerrant conflicts of interest).
Despite the growing trend toward textual criticism, those who argued for an inerrant Bible saw in scripture not only social, historical, and moral reasons for temperance but also scientific ones.
The critically important point is that the vast majority of groups under these rubrics are evangelical Christians whose shared beliefs make them fundamentalists, or biblical literalists, for whom the Christian Bible is the inerrant word of God, Jesus Christ is the mediator who forgives our sins as salvation, and genuine change comes from the undeserving grace of God.