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(Christianity) exemption from error

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While the arguments focused on the inerrancy of Scripture, this was simply one aspect of a larger, societal issue.
Others thought that in not narrowly defining the inerrancy of scripture it had become theologically liberal.
To this author it seems disingenuous to reply in the negative, yet notwithstanding what the author thought, the doctrine of inerrancy concerns not this but rather what he intended to assert or teach23.
The more that fundamentalists insisted on scriptural inerrancy and its historical accuracy, the more they came to embrace the prophecy of the apocalypse.
Were members of Ockenga's Park Street Church really animated by inerrancy as much as Scripture memorization, spiritual warfare, prayer requests on the local Christian radio station, and inductive Bible study?
First is the "literal," which describes the more traditional and conservative segments of the religious population, who may be guided more by emotion and relationship, and who believe in the inerrancy and literal translations of the Bible.
I view myself as a fervent evangelical but a lot of evangelicals won't have me because the inerrancy of Scripture is a deal breaker for them.
Americans still believe in heaven (86%) and hell (73%) about as much as they did in the 1970s; but belief in the literal inerrancy of the Bible has taken a hit, presumably because of more college education.
2) Instead of pitting Catholics and Protestants against one another, dialogue on papal infallibility could bring these groups together for critical reflection on the meaning, similarities, and limitations of all doctrines of infallibility and inerrancy.
The backlash of fundamentalists in the 20th century, with their uncompromising insistence on biblical inerrancy, failed to halt the marginalization of the scriptures.
It comes from one of the original drafters of the "Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy" and his coauthor and defends the traditional understanding of inerrancy for new Christians being called to the challenge of defining God, truth and language.
c) There is also the issue of the epistemological status of the revelation of the sacred writings and the purported inerrancy therein.
Inerrancy was an important proxy for viewing the Bible as the unique, revelatory, word of God that is best understood as literally true with regard to history and miracles, and theologically true in all matters.
22) Our account of biblical literalism primarily relies on the most prominent body of work to emerge from this era, a series of consensus statements and supporting scholarly publications by the International Council on Biblical Inerrancy (ICBI), a group of 300 academics and leaders within conservative Protestantism.
Among Presbyterians, there has been a close alignment between those who promote biblical inerrancy and those who maintain the Westminster Confession's rigorous stance on predestination (including the possibility of infant damnation).