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without elegance


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Looking tired and bleary-eyed, the 35-year-old mum-of-two dived inelegantly into her waiting car and revealed the kind of cleavage more commonly seen on a building site rather than at a posh celeb hangout.
Lynn heaped praise on her slices of lamb that came with braised lentils and a rosemary jus that she somewhat inelegantly mopped from her plate with her fingers.
But with the major sellers of American movies committed to AFM's move away from its traditional February date, Mifed is likely at best to morph into a niche market for Euro arthouse movies, at worst to slide inelegantly toward oblivion.
Morley nearly claimed his hat-trick on the hour when he caught out Talia with a delicate chip that had the keeper jack-knifing inelegantly to drag the ball from under the bar.
As I came crashing down inelegantly, I realised that walking at my normal speedy pace was out of the question.
gains are linked to what's often inelegantly called "good product." Of course, the description refers to commercial quality, as opposed to aesthetics.
Ms Widdecombe (aka Doris Karloff) jumped inelegantly on to the anti-East European beggars bandwagon this week (it promptly tipped up and did a wheelie for three miles).
Kastner's script segues inelegantly from overstated comedy to overplayed drama as the main character painfully approaches self-realization.
New Line could try a quick strike at sale-priced video -- or what the industry inelegantly refers to as an "initial sell-through" strategy.
And if I was Sean, when Micheline said that the British are acting "inelegantly," I'd have been a bit annoyed with her.
We brings me rather inelegantly to other examples of versatile, food-friendly wines.
A curious seven-month-old child, with a headful of disheveled curls, crawls inelegantly across the room.
"In the US, this group is inelegantly labeled Moneyed Older Moms.
Who will deny that in this country, the stooped and graying picketer inelegantly shouting in the street for Imelda Marcos' immediate arrest would be swiftly thrown behind bars if, say, he had filched cans of sardines or corned beef from the grocery store, with officers of the court sanctimoniously intoning that the law may be harsh but it's the law?
Five years after winning the Nobel, the now-bearded Mantovani is seen standing in a Barcelona park, staring at the corpse of a pink flamingo splayed inelegantly on the surface of a lagoon.