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Synonyms for inelegant

Synonyms for inelegant

lacking style and good taste

Antonyms for inelegant

lacking in refinement or grace or good taste

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In her Deitch installation, Ex It, 1997-98, Yoko neatly arranged 100 rough and inelegant wood coffins of the variety Americans would associate with Europe, the sort with the little window that permits one last glimpse of a life given way to death before shoveled dirt falls down from above.
Birthdays: Inelegant rugby union captain and sports commentator Bill Beaumont, 46; American actor and pop star Micky Dolenz, 53; American chess champion Bobby Fischer, 55; haematologist Prof Sir David Weatherall, 65; High Court judge Sir David Rattee, 61.
Almost eight years have passed since the inelegant dismissal of the original Cowboys coach.
Hot on our inelegant heels came the Germans, then the Americans - with Italians voted the most stylish.
He strode ruthlessly on for most of the day, taking no chances and trusting his inelegant but, nevertheless, effective swing and rock-solid putting to take the title after holding off Els and Masters Champion Phil Mickelson.
While spousal collaborations can be among the most truly horrible pursuits a couple can indulge each other in, Farber and Patterson actually manage to pull off a not inelegant Pat and Mike impersonation a la George Cukor (not one of Farber's favorite directors).
More recently, Tom Paulin and Craig Raine had a very public falling out that led to some very inelegant quatrains being exchanged.
From a public-policy standpoint, it's inelegant to repeatedly postpone agreed-upon actions.
Food that only needs one utensil and hefty wine or a malty beer in an inelegant glass - that's real comfort eating I reckon.
On Wednesday, Space Ship One made an inelegant second ascent, rolling more than two dozen times as it rocketed into sub-orbital space.
Normally ice-cool Claudia, 37, took an inelegant backward tumble as she momentarily lost her balance while posing on a kerbstone in Central Park for legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld.
To use an inelegant phrase,I was gobs macked and told the presenter that Liverpool was the capital of the North and in the North West and had also recently been awarded the designated European Capital of Culture.
In a thank-you speech, boss Jeff Randall told anyone who would listen: "What you will soon see is a rather inelegant re-writing of history as the so-called experts try to pretend they knew it was a winner all along.
It would be inelegant to start talking about another team's players before the game, but I do not fear Middlesbrough.