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Synonyms for inelegant

Synonyms for inelegant

lacking style and good taste

Antonyms for inelegant

lacking in refinement or grace or good taste

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where I grew up, an inelegant but pithy phrase summed it up well: "You're supposed to dance with the guy what brung ya."
It must be listened to in its time - conditioned, at times even inelegant, made of human expression without "correction" or "improvement" in the service of modern sensitivities.
Just as Harold Ickes, the president's friend of 25 years had to read in the paper that he was out on his rear, Chitester had a similarly inelegant departure.
But despite her inelegant pose, her toes are safe from suckers this year!
One word for it might be inelegant. Another is offensive.
One of the more elegant methods of immunologic tinkering involves manipulating a molecule with the inelegant name anti-idiotypic antibody.
STINKER: Kevin's FAMILY RATING True story: Last month I adopted a black rescue moggy whose only drawback, so far, is some inelegant flatulence.
Inelegant is never a phrase you could use to describe Leon Osman.
Romney had first said that his "47 percent" statement was "inelegant," then later called it "just plain wrong." O'Brien prodded Gingrey, opining that only Romney's first response to the comment is credible and that his more fulsome repudiation was "politically expedient," the report added.
Before you could say, 'Oh dear me', his chin was at floor level, the flagstones had taken a chunk or two out of the floor and Dad was doing an inelegant version of the splits.
In Milan, the fashion capital of Italy, Mourinho honed an inelegant style of play, proving that a team can sometimes win games without touching the ball very often.
She certainly didn't in the inelegant rhyme of putting all the trees in a "tree museum" and then charging people "a dollar and a half to see 'em".
Although inelegant in skirts of red And braided bodice, King Edward Bridge is trained to be reliable, and is rank protected By the highest in the land of the free.
PLANS for a pounds 200m revamp of Huddersfield's Queensgate and Piazza area have been savaged as heavy-handed, crude and inelegant by a Government watch-dog.