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The inelegance is overcome by a superior power or state of
As this is the age of internet news reporting, nothing sells more than reports about celebrity deaths and sex scandals hence it is no surprise that limits of inelegance have reached new echelons in news reporting.
Beyond the inelegance of such parallels, inaccuracies quickly emerge, although impressionable Anglo-Saxon audiences gobble them up frequently.
THERE, BEYOND Beyond comfort he finds inelegance. Beyond breath he heaves and wretches.
"Noodles" are indeed the exemplary food of the poor, lacking the charm of "spaghetti" or "tagliatelle." The onomatopoeia of lokschen conveys the awkwardness of eating it, its sheer inelegance. Yet there is more to lokschen than meets the ear.
(2) Allow me the inelegance of referring to my own article on dilemmas in the Greek Novel (AN 2010), in which I treat this episode.
a maladjusted, scheming courtier, alternately fawning and snarling at the hand that fed him for so long." Harvey Strosberg, counsel to the Hollinger independent directors, "careened quixotically about, blustering and bullying and then, as is his custom, falling silent when his plan collapsed around his ears and moving on to some new scheme like a pollinating bee." The deterioration of Eddie Greanapan, Black's principal defence attorney, "is objectively sad, and is made more so by the inelegance of his acts of denial and displacement of responsibility for his own shortcomings and aggressive paranoia" (he was particularly upset by an interview Greenspan gave The Globe and Mail in October 2009).
Obviously aiming at as precise a rendering of Sadra's thought as English allows, the translation suffers from slight inelegance and the occasional Arabic idiom.
When Toynbee defends the "inelegant circumlocutions" of politically correct language by saying that "inelegance is better than bile," she unwittingly states the belief at the heart of the politically correct: your only two options are politically correct euphemisms and bile.
While we may relate eating with our hands to unseemliness and inelegance, we also associate it with innocence, a simpler time and a more primitive time when the dining experience consisted of food, hands, mouth, repeat.
Obara called on the Directors of the African Security and Inelegance Services to enhance coordination and to establish a joint data base for intelligence information in order to assist in the realization of peace and security in AfricaCongo Brazzaville's Chief of Intelligence and Security Services and Chief of Committee CISSA for 2010 -2011, Col.
My objection is not to the look itself, but the inelegance of the phrase.
The Beautiful, gratuitous, turns to the ornamental, repudiated; the Useful, alone, or what is useful to mediocre needs, expresses some inelegance. "To fashion," exactly, means, for the artisan a kind of forgetfulness as to use, just as with any jewel--only the direct formation of the idea into a word as the object presents itself, to please and serve, causing an impression, completely modern, of truth.
It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance. Jane Austen said that, not me.