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As shown in Figure 6, the rock sample exhibits inelasticity as a consequence of increasing temperature and plastic or creep deformation during the stable process with loading.
where [E.sub.lead] is the energy of the leading particle and the inelasticity K is defined as K = [E.sub.eff]/[square root of s].
Kachanov, "A microcrack model of rock inelasticity part II: Propagation of microcracks," Mechanics of Materials, vol.
In a recent analysis of the US policy toward Syria, Hamid describes it as deeply ideological and resistant to revision: "Inelasticity is helpful in understanding Obama's policies on the Middle East, and particularly on Syria, for similar reasons.
Women's exposure in the labor market and their duties concerning family and childcare (Mihaila 2014; 2011a, b) may leave them unprotected to employer abuse, because of labor supply inelasticity. Societies that require women to take time away from wage hiring to look after children and do not supply substitute income via relevant paid parental leave expect that women can and will be supported by their families at least for a period.
If the inelasticity of the surrounding tissues allows a compressive effect, bleeding can be counterbalanced by this compressive action, leading to a formation of a hematoma [1-3].
Gray markets / Because ethical drug shortages typically are a function of short-run (less than two years) inelasticity of demand and supply, those shortages have led to the development of gray markets for these drugs.
(6) In this essay I draw on Henri Bergson's theory of the comic, which holds that the comic arises from "a certain mechanical inelasticity, just where one would expect to find the wide awake adaptability and the living pliableness of a human being" (10, original italics).
These assumptions show good results for low and medium rise structures provided the inelasticity is distributed throughout the height of the structure (Chopra and Rakesh, 2002).
But it has also reflected upon the government's inelasticity to quickly address this economic crisis.
The theses of the paper, as succinctly put by Weber, are that the National Banking System's flaws were not due to its regulatory framework and that the Federal Reserve System did not substantially improve it The main defects of the pre-Fed era were the prohibition on branch banking and the lack of a lender of last resort central bank (to mitigate the "inelasticity" of national bank notes).
Domestic sugar industry is characterized by price inelasticity. The demand over the longterm is driven by changing consumption patterns and growth in population.
Overall the results are indicative of inelasticity of productions for the number of colonies.
From the anatomical and functional view the medial and intermediate columns play predominant roles in maintaining the inelasticity of foot and absorbing shock compared with the lateral column in balancing the weightbearing on forefoot.
But until then I will be alone in waking the following day desperately aware of the inelasticity that lactic acid produces.