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in an inefficient manner

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Information can be poor, scarce, maldistributed, inefficiently communicated, and intensely valued.
If a sanctioned airline continues to misuse or inefficiently use timeslots,, the TC can recall the slot approval, suspend or cancel slot allocations of the airline.
"If an airline, despite being sanctioned, continues to misuse or inefficiently use timeslots, the [timeslot committee] shall have the authority to recall slot approval and/or suspend or cancel slot allocations of the erring airline," it continued.
"We are talking about how ICT will transform other sectors in the fourth industrial revolution, or 'digital transformation', however, the ICT industry still utilises 'dumb' equipment that inefficiently consumes massive amount of energy," he said.
network energy is used inefficiently, while 57% of network interruption is
Today, producing hydrogen requires burning fossil fuels or using water-splitting catalysts that work relatively inefficiently, says physicist Arvin Kakekhani of Yale University.
People are looking for that proverbial inefficiently managed asset so that they can reposition and renovate the property and look to significantly raise rents and hold the property for the long-term.
"The committee, to consist of senior judges, lawyers and human rights experts, will enjoy the necessary credibility, integrity and impartially for exercising its mandate inefficiently with a high sense of national responsibility," Al-Zayani affirmed.
The possible rise in the EGP 1 ticket has sparked a wave of condemnation by political groups and activists, who accused the government of inefficiently running public sector projects and following unfair economic policies.
"With limited internal resources, stations cannot afford to treat listeners the same and inefficiently allocate resources."
"The Accounting Chamber repeatedly conducts audits, which show that the funds allocated from the state budget are being spent inefficiently. This year, 220 million som was allocated for the fund.
But Dave Stewart, managing director of Wood Group UK which employs 12,000 workers including 5,000 offshore, said the industry has been working "too inefficiently for too long".
We know of no one who enjoys paying taxes, yet everyone enjoys what taxes do for us, even if they sometimes do it inefficiently.
Sugar mills are currently using bagasse - a renewable fuel produced as a by-product in the sugar manufacturing process - inefficiently in low-pressure 23 bars based power systems, whereas other countries have abandoned low pressure boilers and switched to high-pressure boilers (minimum 60 bars) in cogeneration power systems.
Development administrator Michelle Shaw said: "We were aware that the ICT infrastructure was operating inefficiently.