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Synonyms for inefficient

Synonyms for inefficient

lacking the qualities, as efficiency or skill, required to produce desired results

not having the desired effect

Synonyms for inefficient

not producing desired results

lacking the ability or skill to perform effectively


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Summary: New Delhi [India], Dec 14 (ANI): While addressing the booth workers of Kerala, Prime Minister Narendra Modi attacked Congress and Communist party and said that both parties provide Kerala with a model of efficient corruption and inefficient governance.
This has thus prompted new action in Apec to break ground on next generation building development, amid spiking environmental and economic costs of energy inefficient homes and offices, exacerbated by soaring temperatures and cooling needs.
He said Pakistan has enough generation capacity but the cost of running most plants is very high as some of them are very inefficient and expensive to run.
In a country where some 85 percent of TV-owning households already travel to the vast wasteland over cable or satellite, why has the government spent almost two decades steering highly valuable spectral real estate to such an inefficient use?
The Prince said it was 'unbelievable' that Italian farmers were sometimes dismissed as inefficient for using old fashioned techniques, even though they produced high quality products.
"There is a growing body of research indicating that multitasking is actually inefficient in terms of mental processes and capacity," maintains Campbell.
Army and Air Force program designed as a replacement for existing 750-kW sets that incorporate outdated technology, are inefficient and require excessive maintenance.
Slowly falling blood-glucose concentrations indicate inefficient sugar metabolism.
Munoz Leos is stepping up his criticism of politicians who are standing in the way of reforms at Mexico's inefficient oil monopoly, which accounts for some 37% of the government's income.
Based on proprietary microlens array technology, the new LEOs direct light forward in a consistent beam, as opposed to the inefficient scattering of light that occurs with current conventional LEOs.
UnitedHealthcare, based in Minnetonka, Minn., undertook the project more than two years ago because it recognized that its processes and distribution were inefficient. Technology was an opportunity to reduce distribution costs and eliminate duplication of work, McGill said.
In a rational world, the existence of the HMO subsidy, and the abandonment of the Medicare market by so many HMOs, would be interpreted as evidence that Medicare's experiment with HMOs has failed--that HMOs are too inefficient to provide health care to the elderly and the disabled and should be ejected from the Medicare program.
Owing to inefficient foreign policy of the incompetent regime, the leaders around world are not heeding
Request for quotations : construction of a boiler house operating on mw (wood chips) with transfer of loads from two inefficient boiler rooms
APROPOS the news report 'PBC forms bodies to identify corrupt, inefficient judges' and letter 'SCBA chief's strange call' (June 10).