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unskillfulness resulting from a lack of efficiency

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There are countless ways to practice intentional inefficiency. Take a drive to a nearby town on your day off and leisurely stroll through the streets letting whatever catches your eye direct you.
The difference in the yield of a particular crop explored the inefficient utilization of input resources and the presence of production inefficiency between the farmers.
She posed a question as to who would be accountable for the incompetence and inefficiency of the PTI government in KPK?
The main hypothesis tested in this study is whether or not there exists profit inefficiency in the operations of the sampled artisanal fishers in the study area.
According to sources those who are facing cases in the FBR are included Mohammad Mustafa Kamal Grade 19, who was removed from service as charges of inefficiency, misconduct and corruption were proved against him.
To a query he said I and V wing would be headed by a retired army colonel and 60-70 retired army officers would be recruited for the job to check corruption and inefficiency, adding that the wing would ensure zero tolerance towards corruption besides eradication of exploitation through forgery, fraud and manipulation.
6 ( ANI ): Soon after the Tirunelveli District Court granted bail to cartoonist Bala, he categorically stated that he would continue to highlight the inefficiency of the government through his cartoons.
ABSTRACT: This study was designed to calculate production efficiency (technical, economic and allocative) and determinants of inefficiency in open field tomato production in Punjab, Pakistan.
The trick is to identify the reason that the market is mispricing the security; and for that to be true, given how compelling the efficient market hypothesis is, there has to be an identifiable inefficiency that makes it so.
Abstract A stochastic cost frontier with inefficiency effects is estimated to investigate the impacts of decreases in state funding support on the operating efficiency of public colleges and universities in the U.S.
Changes to Kenya's banking law that will cap commercial lending rates could drive borrowers to informal financial services, increasing credit inefficiency and undermining transmission of monetary policy, Reuters has reported.
The Inefficiency Assassin: Time Management Tactics for Working Smarter, Not Longer is for anyone who Wants to take their ordinary, often time-consuming routines and transform them by streamlining them and instigating better management routines, and offers lessons that will apply equally well to home or business environments.
PARTNERS involved in the construction of a new primary school in Holyhead are taking an innovative approach to planning the project, ultimately reducing waste and inefficiency.
Allocative inefficiency in the market occurs when P/MC.