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Synonyms for inefficacious

not having the desired effect

Antonyms for inefficacious

lacking the power to produce a desired effect

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I am personally aware of administrators who, because it would be inefficacious to "rock the boat," have chosen not to deal with violations of conduct codes properly in situations ranging from insubordination, inappropriate dress, and cell phone usage, to systematic cheating and assault.
Awareness and recognition of this syndrome will prompt early and appropriate management, avoidance of unnecessary workup and cost reduction, and lessening of provider frustration with inefficacious treatment.
It lies in the necessity "to protect the public health from unsafe, inefficacious and poor quality modern and traditional medicines." The Drug Administration and Control Agency has been entrusted with the responsibility in the process from collecting the samples from traditional healers, examining the safety, efficacy and quality of the drug samples submitted by healers and eventual certification.
But Jonson neither conceals pagan prophetic rituals nor depicts them as inefficacious or false, instead treating us to a vision of the rites to Fortuna as an efficacious, holy reprieve from the politically-instrumental public rites of Rome depicted elsewhere in the play.
[Dominicans] contend that cooperating grace is intrinsically efficacious when good acts ensue and intrinsically inefficacious or merely sufficient when evil acts ensue.
Faith cannot be forced; she can by exterior force compel no one to receive the sacraments, for though they operate ex opere operato, they are inefficacious unless they are received with the proper interior dispositions.
11) has reproduced pathological language and inefficacious interventions that have not been wholly fruitful for most Black people.
This semi-fictional space, according to these authors, was there for the taking, since it was only thinly populated by inefficacious and morally deficient Indians, Spaniards and Portuguese.
available, number of specialization positions, planning in the form in the training of healthcare professionals, number of retirements, loss to the private sector, unemployment, emigration, double employment, inefficacious contracting procedures; among other aspects.
12).Though 'the symbolic moments of truth' which occur during the novel appear to be catastrophic, they are not inefficacious; they have a great potential to transfigure a character from deep seated beliefs into a much expanded individual.
For the sake of argument, however, even if we grant that a given soldier's risk-taking acts are wholly inefficacious in bringing about the social good of national defense (or some other worthy cause), I nonetheless argue that, ceteris paribus, such a soldier would still warrant some form of gratitude on the part of U.S.
Robertson accepts the materialist thesis, but quietly demurs from its most influential corollaries by describing bodies and the language they excrete as florid, intricate, and inefficacious. She attends to that in the body which is purposeless and therefore radiant, and calls it form.
This focus and dearth of attention on the benefits of reading into adulthood could have unintended consequences, leading to 'the construct of a Critical Period notion', in which reading beyond the early years of skill acquisition is 'viewed as inefficacious and therefore relatively unimportant' (Merga, 2014, p.
Hence, it is a mistake to think that moral arguments for NPT defection are necessarily or will be ultimately inefficacious.
Proponents of interdisciplinary teaching contend that the wide array of problems we face around the world "aggressively cross boundaries that render the perspectives and methods of single disciplines incomplete and inefficacious" (Sternberg 123).