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in an ineffectual manner


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Lively, after ineffectually standing on tiptoe, in the hope of catching sight of him, again forced himself into the little chair, and, exchanging a shake of the head with a lady in the opposite shop, in which doubt and mistrust were plainly mingled, resumed his pipe with a grave demeanour.
The irresolute fingers fluttered more and more ineffectually about the trembling lip on every such occasion, and the sharpest practitioners gave him up as a hopeless job.
He did so, quite ineffectually. As any one not blinded to the real character of Mr--Mr Eugene Wrayburn--would readily suppose.'
Both my sister and myself have endeavoured to correct his vices, but ineffectually. And I have felt - we both have felt, I may say; my sister being fully in my confidence - that it is right you should receive this grave and dispassionate assurance from our lips.'
The mandaia* never fails, never trembles, never strikes thirty times ineffectually, like the soldier who beheaded the Count of Chalais, and to whose tender mercy Richelieu had doubtless recommended the sufferer.
Having pleaded ineffectually first for another half-mile, and afterwards for another quarter, Newman was fain to comply, and to shape his course towards Golden Square, after interchanging many hearty and affectionate farewells, and many times turning back to wave his hat to the two wayfarers when they had become mere specks in the distance.
The same light shone a third time in the young man's eyes, but died ineffectually away as before.
Meanwhile, China gained much from having its great rival, the world's last superpower, thrashing about ineffectually in the forever wars of the Middle East.
Both digs are met with silence as he taps randomly and ineffectually at the printer, clueless as to how it actually works.
In fact, it was a ruse by David Cameron to try to use the electorate to, in effect, unite his party, which he was ineffectually trying to control.
"He took part in, or associated himself with, the attack, however ineffectually, by lifting and throwing a paving slab at Mr Johnson."
A common reaction to hurts in the past is for parents to strongly avoid doing as their own parents did, but then have no plan at all, get increasingly emotional, and finally blow up and scream or hit or storm off ineffectually. We can help them pick out one or two stressful situations, often perceived disrespect or defiance by the child, and plan steps for when it comes up again--as hot-button issues always do.
As far as Salvini is concerned, the Italians have gone about using their commission seat completely ineffectually, where Rome has focused on getting Federica Mogherini ensconced in the foreign policy chief portfolio.
Pacino plays Sonny Wortzik, an effeminate outcast who desperately, brazenly -- and really quite ineffectually -- holds up a penniless Brooklyn bank alongside troubled friend Sal (fellow "Godfather" star John Cazale).
Libya pursued its weapons of mass destruction programs enthusiastically but ineffectually for years, and when it finally succumbed to the pressure of Western sanctions it was still far from becoming a nuclear power.