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in an ineffective manner

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The evidence in certain cases that professors and staff continue to blatantly abuse their position implies that legal procedures to tackle harassment are ineffectively implemented on campuses.
"The Kaizen of Poker" deals with such issues as: Playing too many hands; Bluffing too little or ineffectively; Not knowing how to read the other players' strategies and cards.
Firstly, some proponents of the lifestyle have taken to imposing their beliefs, sometimes through sowing guilt, harshly and ineffectively on their associates.
'On the whole, PSHM health services were disorganised and ineffectively managed.
Investment projects are ineffectively implemented due to the lack of participation by private partners.
More than half (55.9 percent) of schools and colleges which responded to the poll said SEMH needs were 'ineffectively or very ineffectively met'.
Thus Ouko said as a result IEBC could not account for over Sh 1.67 billion used to pay for 30,000 pieces of laptops it ineffectively used during the 2013 elections.
Reagent and collection vessels are often left open or ineffectively closed with films and aluminum foil, venting potentially toxic vapors to the atmosphere.
The National Water Policy has been ineffectively addressed since 2005 among the provinces and the federal government.
This expertise of terrorists has left nation-states to 'monitor ineffectively terrorist communication,' Gunaratna said, saying that arrangements should be made by governments with technological companies to crack encrypted messages of terrorists in order to make a breakthrough.
It has been patched many times, mostly ineffectively, and the new system of patching is even less effective, hardly lasting more than a few weeks, if that.
On slight inclines where all-season tires spin ineffectively, winter tires grab and keep the vehicle moving with few issues.
Depression that is untreated, undiagnosed, or ineffectively treated is the number 1 cause of suicide.
In addition, Potenza and Astellas are jointly working on two additional preclinical molecules expected to complete IND-enabling studies in 2018: PTZ-329, which targets a novel immune regulatory pathway; and PTZ-522, a novel approach to a well-validated but as-yet ineffectively addressed immune activating pathway.
The Chinese are trying, but ineffectively." He stressed, "If there is an underground nuclear test, then you need to get ready for a very serious response by the United States." Asked if Congress should be having a big open conversation about preemptive war, Graham's responded "yes," and that Trump "as inherent authority as commander in chief, has the ability to strike North Korea to protect the American homeland," but that this discussion "needs to happen among ourselves." Meanwhile, US National Security Adviser H.R.