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in an ineffective manner

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The mobilisation of civilians across the Middle East wanting to oppose the foreign forces in Iraq militarily has already started, if ineffectively.
Health care is also provided by the private sector and it is estimated that private general practitioners [GPs) see [+ or -] 60% of patients with STDs, where infections are often ineffectively treated, being restricted by drug costs and the lack of training in the syndromic approach.
The funds for spay/neuter programs are ineffectively managed and not enough is done to encourage use of the free spay/neuter services offered by the city.
There is undoubtedly more to come from Robinson, Sam Cassell and Ray Allen, who surely cannot combine as ineffectively as they did in the opener.
It looked for a long time as though that would be all the goals there would be as the teams toiled manfully but ineffectively in the sweltering heat.
He instead has tried to burst it Indirectly, and ineffectively, through rate hikes, starting as early as 1994 when the Dow was running at about 4,000.
The kid was almost smothered to death by his team-mates, who had struggled so ineffectively.
For many years, law enforcement trainers struggled to explain why, despite comprehensive training, officers often performed ineffectively in survival situations.
Blinker started ineffectively on the left - but just as the winger was imposing himself on the game he was injured.
And the government must not use trade unnecessarily or ineffectively as a political weapon, such as restricting grain sales to the Soviet Union,enabling the Canadians and Argentines to take our market share.
Ironically, Malkki says, many of the purification and processing steps used by cereal manufacturers can break the relatively fragile beta-glucan chains into ineffectively small pieces.
The result can be inaccurate readings from faulty testing supplies, potentially causing a person to treat a high or low ineffectively.
He noticed that many people and doctors today use them ineffectively.
Pelletier, director of public health, said that this applies to any hauler with "uncovered or ineffectively covered trucks transporting trash on the roads of Auburn.
Mr Horsley said Mr Jenkins' death was the result of his condition being "inappropriately and ineffectively treated by himself and others".