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in an ineffective manner

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According to a letter sent by DDRS chairman ML Mehta, Delhi Police officers, including senior people of the cell looking into crimes against women, are improperly and ineffectively mediating such disputes.
The report offers a four-point diagnosis of the MBTA system: "Is in severe financial distress,'' "lacks a viable maintenance and repair plan,'' "lacks a culture of performance management and accountability,'' and "is governed ineffectively.
The text is organized in five parts, providing an overview of the subject, investigating ethical issues and the institutionalization of business ethics, examining the decision-making process and the implementation of business ethics in a global economy, and reviewing twenty real-life cases in which an ethical dilemma in business was resolved either effectively or ineffectively.
ARDS is a serious condition that is ineffectively treated by current standards of care, resulting in substantial patient and healthcare system impact.
When women do not speak up in meetings, or do so ineffectively, our community misses potentially valuable feedback and innovation.
During the plenary session, MP Omurbek Bakirov noticed that a lot of money is being sought but they are used ineffectively.
QuanTemplate offers the insurers many productivity enhancements, as many companies rely on Excel and other inflexible databases, which result in many business decisions being made ineffectively or with outdated information, said QuanTemplate co-founder Adrian Rands.
Malas, along with fellow former health Minister Christos Patsalides, were both considered responsible for ineffectively monitoring drug prices.
Mr Cessford reveals the paucity of his argument by ineffectively and irrelevantly intruding the issue of abuse.
In its report, the organisation said the NHS in Wales spends PS500m a year on diabetes care but this money is too often being used ineffectively, with the vast majority spent on treating complications that could often have been prevented.
Southampton, despite being depleted by injury, worked hard to deny their hosts space, but ineffectively at times as the Magpies broke at pace to threaten repeatedly.
The researchers found that the HPBCD coating ineffectively protected fish oil, and may have induced further oxidation.
According to him, funds for sports in Bulgaria are not insufficient, but are rather spent exceedingly ineffectively.
They were trying - ineffectively - to restrain me, which is not a good idea either.
The Syndicate (9pm, BBC1, 27 March) is one of those tick-box dramas that, having watched it, leaves you feeling a bit dirty and used, so shamelessly -yet ultimately ineffectively -have you been manipulated.