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Synonyms for inebriety

the condition of being intoxicated with alcoholic liquor

Synonyms for inebriety

a temporary state resulting from excessive consumption of alcohol

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[47.] Crothers TD: Editorial; Q J Inebriety XXV1:308; 1904.
"Certain Expenditures on Account of Inebriety." Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcohol.
Daria Gigli Piccardi provides a brief overview of Platonic and Neoplatonic ideas on poetic inspiration, before looking, in more detail, at John of Gaza's proems to the Tabula mundi and the way these express the power of inspiration through a violent imagery of biting, sea storms, dance, inebriety and general Bacchic frenzy.
Others mentioned in passing had their cases discharged when magistrates were advised that their crimes were connected to "war psycho-neuroses," "neurasthenia," "hysteria," "psychasthenic inebriety," and "mental depression," suggesting that pre-trial diagnosis was, at first, far more significant than post-conviction treatment.
The mixing of moral and medical also derived from concepts within the study of insanity, for example, Prichard's concept of moral insanity, and was carried over to discussion of the concept of inebriety, which we discuss subsequently (Berridge, 1999).
Her fear of consequences stemming from further liaisons with drinkers and her disgust at Gowan's inebriety, however, situate her within the realm of women non-drinkers.
As early as 1904, the American Association for the Study and Cure of Inebriety staff published the first report on the deleterious effects of combining alcoholic consumption and motor car driving.
And the explanation in a detailed and general manner of one point is obscure to me: [this point is] how to treat a drunk or how to treat him when his inebriety overcomes him, when his friend is inattentive and his claimer is awakened.
In the story's final sections leading up to the disgraced Major Molineux's appearance in "tar-and-feathery dignity" (228) and the recognition scene causing Robin's disillusionment and "mental inebriety" (229), one may find little justification for any kind of comic response.
(23) However, those committed who would "not continue to be subject to dipsomania or inebriety" or were otherwise provided for by "guardians, relatives or friends" were eligible for a revocable "permit to be at liberty." (24)
To the literati, whose social standing did not permit inebriety, an image of an intoxicated farmer may have symbolized a free spirit; for the court painter, such images may have communicated the prosperity enjoyed by the agricultural workforce.
In the United States, alcohol has been associated with traffic crashes for more than 100 years, as indicated by the publication of the first scientific report on the effect of drinking by operators of "motorized wagons" in 1904 (Quarterly Journal of Inebriety 1904).
pronounced tendency to inebriety of any racial group except the
A century or more ago, the British doctor Norman Kerr, who founded the Society for the Study of Inebriety, asked if inebriation was 'a sin, a crime, a vice or a disease?'--the title of the last section of the exhibition.