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Synonyms for inebriation

the condition of being intoxicated with alcoholic liquor

Synonyms for inebriation

a temporary state resulting from excessive consumption of alcohol

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There are other issues that are increasingly affecting public safety such as juvenile delinquent, public inebriation, inappropriate social behaviour and abuse of social media.
If the car detects inebriation or distraction, it will be equipped to intervene by either limiting the car's speed, alerting Volvo on Call assistance service, or finally, slowing the car down and parking it safely.
Prior to analysis, we developed the code Level of Inebriation Term to capture references to states of inebriation, such as "tipsy" or "drunk", such as were studied by Levitt et al.
He was handed a minimum term of 14 years, which was reduced on appeal in 2008 to 12 years after a judge ruled the murder was the result of 'intense strain, mild-to-moderate depression, extreme frustration and inebriation'.
When police caught them there about an hour after the alleged crime, they were in state of inebriation a a blood alcohol concentration of 0.160, well over Korea's legal limit of 0.05.
If you flinched at seeing wine and beer make the list, ask yourself what trigger might have led to free-ranging fireside chats, feasting, artistic expression, romance, and other aspects of a thriving civilization, and inebriation jumps to the fore.
It is thought energy drinks can mask the signs of alcohol inebriation, enabling an individual to consume more, increasing the likelihood of dehydration and alcohol poisoning.
The first level of misdemeanour includes disruptive behaviour such as physical gestures, verbal harassment and unruly behaviour because of inebriation. This level of offence would carry a flying ban of three months.
Sometimes this character's drunken ramblings can be tedious, but here Speirs, plays down the inebriation, instead regaling us with a relaxed sequence of comic ruminations, puns and in-jokes, somewhat in the manner of Tommy Cooper.''
Inebriation has apparently turned the indecisive bride-to-be into a woeful amnesiac-who has barely a year to set things right.
Julie Hobson takes on the role of the naive clingy single mum Jan, galloping towards inebriation, while Jenny Hayes portrays young Linda with her obsessive passion for Tony Christie.
Last week shocking images emerged of drunken antics in Broad Street as a photographer caught young people in advanced stages of inebriation.
In Huddersfield town centre it was hard to spot any signs of even slight inebriation during the afternoon let alone full-blown drunkenness on what is often a manic, angst-stricken night.
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According to the report, "the man was in an obvious state of inebriation."