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Synonyms for inebriate

Synonyms for inebriate

make drunk (with alcoholic drinks)

become drunk or drink excessively

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Through the meticulous analysis of such words as dipsomania, inebriety, and alcoholism, Tracy discusses social and legal changes that moved drunkards out of jails and mental institutions and into private and state-supported facilities devoted to the curing of inebriates. Along the way, she touches on many other subjects of interest to social-medical historians.
Keeley and his bichloride of gold cure for inebriates, certainly an example of patent medicine quackery at high tide, she does not devote much space to medically-based recovery therapies of the pre-Prohibition era.
"It is my humble opinion," Walworth told Turner, "that if you found the Inebriate Asylum you will establish the fact that inebriety is a constitutional and hereditary disease, out of which grows a form of insanity more dangerous than that of the class which is now confined in our insane asylums.
In the summer of 1864, when Turner was 42, the New York State Inebriate Asylum opened its doors.
Joseph Edward Turner, was possessed with the idea of building an asylum for inebriates. This was in the first half of the 19th century, a time when mentioning the possibility that chronic inebriation was a disease brought hoots of derision and outright contempt.
Unfortunately, the inebriate's diminished ability to reason logically may defeat the efforts of well-intentioned officers.
They may have to explain repeatedly to the inebriate what a sober person could comprehend on the first try.
Hospital superintendents, almshouse managers, and temperance advocates in California continued their quest for a separate inebriate asylum but were defeated by the depression of 1893-98.
No California county ever established an inebriate asylum, though by 1917 Los Angeles and San Diego had created "drunk farms" in connection with their county jails.(16)
What went on inside the inebriate institutions of the late 19th and early 20th centuries; were women treated differently than men?
(4.) Very few inebriate institutions were established for women, as drunkenness was perceived to be an overwhelmingly male problem.
Local inebriates gather at the Flying Swan on Christmas Eve as a blizzard rages outside.
The court ruled that the law against drunken driving is intended to protect the public against inebriates behind the wheel, no matter what propels their cars.
If they seriously want to tackle drink-fuelled anti-social behaviour, they could use existing legislation such as the Inebriates Act to tackle those responsible.
Only attraction is from late-bars by the score, Earning dubious income from inebriates galore.