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Synonyms for indwelling

forming an essential element, as arising from the basic structure of an individual

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existing or residing as an inner activating spirit or force or principle

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From the 1880s through the 1950s, Catholic theology devoted much attention to the indwelling of the Spirit in the human soul.
N Age/Sex Initial Indwelling Indications for Time Stenting (Years) 1 21/M Left URSL 1 2 24/M Right Pyelolithotomy 2 3 38/F Left Pyelolithotomy 5 4 26/M Right Pyelolithotomy 4 5 28/M Right Pyelolithotomy 4 6 58/M Right URSL 2 7 44/M Left Nephrolithotomy 1 8 60/F Right Pyelolithotomy 7 N Site of Encrustation Kidney Ureter Bladder 1 - - ++ 2 +++ - - 3 - - ++++ 4 +++ 5 +++ 6 - ++++ 7 ++++ - - 8 ++++ - - N Procedure Stent Length of Retrieved Hospital Stay (Days) 1 DJSR Complete 2 2 Right PCNL Fragmented 4 3 CLT Fragmented 3 4 Right PCNL+ CLT+URS Fragmented 5 5 URS+PCNL Fragmented 4 6 URS+CLT Fragmented 3 7 Left PCNL Complete 3 8 Right PCNL Fragmented 4
These authors further assert that it is no longer acceptable to simply manage symptoms caused by an indwelling catheter--an increased fundamental understanding is needed to resolve the problems they introduce.
Mean indwelling times differed significantly between patients with sterile and non-sterile catheters (Table 1).
Class objectives include the following: verbalize steps to prepare for the operation, demonstrate care for the indwelling catheter with appropriate bag changes, identify how to manage possible health issues, and discuss when to contact the healthcare provider.
Patients were classified into four groups according to indwelling time of the stents: 6-12 months, 13-24 months, 25-36 months, and >36 months.
In tubeless PCNL, an indwelling ureteral stent replaces the traditional nephrostomy tube.
I enjoyed the article that quizzed nurses on their knowledge of managing indwelling urinary catheters and CAUTI prevention (Managing indwelling urinary catheters, pp14-15).
Paediatric Double J Ureteric stent with pusher Ureteral indwelling double pigtail stent, consisting of both open ends, sterile, 16cm length, 4.
It is a patent-protected, novel solution containing minocycline, edetate (disodium EDTA), and ethyl alcohol, which act to break down bacterial biofilm, eradicate the bacteria, provide anti-clotting properties to maintain patency, and salvage the indwelling central venous catheter.
A 17-year-old female peach-faced lovebird (Agapornis roseicollis) developed a spherical mass on the distal right dorsal wing at a site that was previously fractured and surgically repaired with an indwelling intramedullary pin.
Studies have shown that patients with acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS),2 cancer patients especially neutropenic patients,3 diabetics,4 the very young,5 elderly and intravenous (IV) drug abusers6 and patients with indwelling devices are prone to get methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection.
Those patients were asked to complete the QOLS and a not-validated questionnaire from our clinic, before ureteral indwelling, 7 day after ureteral indwelling and 14 days after removal of the stent.
The present study was designed as part of our internal surgical audit to observe indications and complications of indwelling double J ureteral stenting.
The Surgical Care Improvement Project (SCIP), sponsored by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), indicate indwelling urinary catheters are to be removed before midnight on post operative (post-op) day two (2012).