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Synonyms for indwelling

forming an essential element, as arising from the basic structure of an individual

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existing or residing as an inner activating spirit or force or principle

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indwelling voice prosthesis should only be used in a 16-Fr.
Indwelling intravascular catheters represent a risk factor that is associated with nosocomial Candida infections.
One patient required in-out catheterization at 523 minutes postoperatively and voided on her own 4 hours later, and another patient required an indwelling catheter placed at 152 minutes after surgery because of vaginal bleeding.
ImaCor manufactures the ClariTEE[R] probe, the only miniaturized, indwelling probe suitable for long-term clinical settings.
Additionally, the majority of Infection Preventionists (62%) attributed "Convenience" as the primary factor for the prevalence of non-medically necessary indwelling catheter usage.
This is a large teaching hospital Trust with many highly specialised departments, a very large ITU and A& E dept, performing 9000+ endoscopic procedures per annum, with many specialised services including a very busy Endoscopic Ultrasound, ERCP, capsule endoscopy, balloon enteroscopy, radiofrequency ablation, EMR/ESD, indwelling pH probes and endoscopic obesity treatments.
5% of all bladder cancers, and these cases are usually secondary to prolonged indwelling catheters, especially in spinal cord-injured patients.
Indwelling tubes: obstruction, 7%; granulation tissue, 5%; extrusion, 3.
Valganciclovir was similar in both safety and efficacy to ganciclovir and offers the convenience of oral dosing, compared with the costs, risk of sepsis, and adverse effects on quality of life that are associated with the indwelling catheter required for treatment with ganciclovir.
Fungal biofilms should be considered as a cause for treatment failure and fungal persistence, especially when artificial prostheses or indwelling catheters are present.
We don't generally think of someone with an indwelling catheter as being continent, but the intensity of services such a person requires approximates that of someone who is continent more than someone who is incontinent of urine-and that is the way it is coded on the MDS.
The Shakers have been sustained in their efforts by the same belief in the indwelling presence of the Spirit of Christ in their personal and communal lives that has vivified the Catholic Worker witness and those inspired by it for more than 60 years.
It provides gold standard TEE hemodynamic assessment indwelling for up to 72 hours, supporting both optimal patient care and reduced care costs.
July 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Eloquest Healthcare today announced the launch of the ReliaFit (TM) Male Urinary Device, a next-generation external catheter that minimizes the risk of urinary tract infections often associated with indwelling catheters.