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That is but a guess;' said Finrod, "and long ago he said things similar, but we know that the Indweller [fea] is not 'breath' (which the hroa uses).
The Holy Spirit, who shares the divine nature, functions as the inspirer of Scriptures and indweller of saints.
Anticipating Frank Lloyd Wright by just a hundred years, he wrote that the house should grow "out of the necessities and character of the indweller, who is the only builder--out of some unconsciousness truthfulness" (47).
bodies in that wilderness, indwellers of the very animal world the newcomers so arrogantly sought to rise above,"32 thus ideal objects of sacrifice on the altar of autonomy.
40) "The Homestead and Its Indwellers," in "Household Hints," IH, 12 December 1903, 1013.
Now commences the long winter evening around the farmer's hearth, when the thoughts of the indwellers travel far abroad, and men are by nature and necessity charitable and liberal to all creatures.