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to exist as an inner activating spirit, force, or principle

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When Christ gives himself to us, he indwells us and becomes one with us.
What is different in Plato is the way the form of the ideal city indwells the actualization of the concrete city.
All I have sketched is the importance of the city to Christians: First, because creation is most truly Christ's and so Christ indwells those worlds we create.
The triune God comes with love to indwell in each soul.
This study was conducted to determine the effect of catheter indwell time on phlebitis development during peripheral intravenous catheter administration.
The theological problem is that if Spirit and earth mutually indwell one another then it appears that God as Spirit is vulnerable to serious loss and trauma just insofar as the earth is abused and despoiled.
92) The Spirit of the glorified Christ indwells each of the faithful and fosters the Church's on-going organic growth.