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to exist as an inner activating spirit, force, or principle

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When Christ gives himself to us, he indwells us and becomes one with us.
What is different in Plato is the way the form of the ideal city indwells the actualization of the concrete city.
KEY WORDS: Peripheral venous catheter Catheter indwell time Phlebitis Thrombophlebitis.
I believe that hope for a renewed earth is best founded on belief in the Spirit as the divine force within the cosmos who continually indwells and works to sustain all forms of life.
The word indwell, the dictionary says, means that an entity "exists as an inner activating spirit, force or principle."
The ORBERA365 Managed Weight Loss System doubles the indwell period of the #1 intragastric balloon in the world from 6 months to a 12 month treatment period.
(12) reported that about 17% of patients with indwelled DJ stent developed significant bacteriuria while 42% of patients had their stents colonized.
Because the balloon should be indwelled for a long time, the inflation port of the balloon catheter was locked using a one-way flow switch (FloSwitch HP, Boston Scientific), and a plaster was used to wrap the flow switch around the inflation port to minimize deflation.
Inclusion criteria were as follows: first, patients with unilateral ureteral stents indwelled for more than 6 months; second, patients with abdominal computer tomography (CT) scans before ureteral stent placement and at the time of last stent change; third, patients with normal contralateral kidney.