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an analyst of conditions affecting a particular industry

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Lending Tree's has announced it has named Matt Schulz as Chief Industry Analyst, the company said.
- Personal experiences and prior relationships still trump all other communication factors, cited by 58% of respondents, with word of mouth and industry analyst coverage tying for a close second at 51%
An industry analyst predicted the LED-backlight models will account for 20% of the total shipments of LCD TVs this year.
them weather the rough economic climate, industry analysts say.
Five industry analysts surveyed by Reuters had forecast the shares to close around 47 yuan on their first trading day.
"He's the real deal," says Peter Warrian, a leading steel industry analyst and a senior research fellow at the University of Toronto's Munk Centre for International Studies.
"Many VC firms will say that they invest across the board, including early-stage capital," says Kirk Walden, a former industry analyst at PricewaterhouseCoopers who is now an independent consultant in Austin, Texas.
"It's a bit light, due to distortions from Chiron, but they are still talking about double-digit sales growth from the group," said Mike Ward, an industry analyst at Nomura Code in London.
Chalabi's move "is akin to Stalin's becoming Party Secretary in the waning years of Lenin's life," comments Charles Featherstone, a petroleum industry analyst with deep and detailed knowledge of the Persian Gulf and its politics.
One industry analyst admitted "it could be a whole new ball game" when it comes to allocating fixtures for 2007.
At least one industry analyst, however, questions if prices have come down enough to spur demand.
"F5 Networks has shown remarkably strong growth in the highly competitive Japanese market to become the market leader in the SSL VPN space within such a short period of time," said Jay Tan, Industry Analyst, ICT Practice at Frost & Sullivan.
For example, there may be industry analyst comments, press clippings, customer testimonials or a video clip produced for a customer meeting that can be integrated into a PowerPoint presentation for analysts.
"They were all single voyages," said Jackson, transportation industry analyst, assigned to Norfolk, Va.
All the models in the new Vaio PC series Sony began selling on May 24 are equipped with DVD drives and are smaller in size than other notebook-type computers, but an industry analyst said, ''It doesn't look like a Sony product, because there are features.''
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