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the development of industry on an extensive scale

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Ahmed Hassan Moughal, President and Rafat Farid, Senior Vice President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry in joint statement said that promoting industrialization was the key requirement to stabilize the economy and hoped that the establishment of CPEC Authority would be a right step in that direction.
Dr Firdous said the industrialization will help reduce economic woes of the masses.
Amongst the early successful late-comers to industrialization emerged neighbouring Belgium and the Netherlands.
The tariff regime is being revised to shift Pakistan from an import based consumption driven economy to an industrialization based economy.
Makhdum Khusro Bakhtyar highlighted the role of provinces in expediting the industrialization process.
Three challenges that have stalled industrialization in Africa
'With this book therefore, we are hopeful that the concerned stakeholders shall appreciate the suggestions and strategies therein with a view to evolving sustainable policies on industrialization in Nigeria.
The President made this observation as he talked about the practice of rich countries to exhaust oil resources elsewhere in the world to boost their industrialization.
Abidjan: In Abidjan, the 2018 edition of the African Development Bank's Civil Society Forum, "Engaging Civil Society to Accelerate Africa's Industrialization" started.
Detroit, MI, April 13, 2018 --( In his new book, "Motoring Africa: Sustainable Automotive Industrialization - Building Entrepreneurs, Creating Jobs and Driving the World's Next Economic Miracle," Edward T.
The focus when it comes to this very function rests on the capacity of industry to create productive jobs and whilst that is indeed a crucial pillar, a holistic perspective connects the intricacies of human development and industrialization in a more profound way.
The report, entitled 'Industrialize Africa: Strategies, Policies, Institutions and Financing', was published to coincide with Africa Industrialization Day on November 20.
Satyanarayana and Naida trace developments in different fields of industrialization in India during the post-independence period, explain the post-1991 key reform measures governments undertook to make Indian industry internationally competitive, and examine current issues pertaining to the industrial sector of India's economy.
13 (SUNA) The Minister of Industry, Musa Karam, announced Sunday, in the National Industrialization Day, a number of treatments for obstacles facing industry, on top of which the agreement with 10 banks to resolve problems of the stalled factories, resolve the factories electricity problems in the industrial areas, paving roads, the focus on research by linking manufacturers with innovative students, and unifying of the administrative window through coordination relations and integration with the relevant bodies.