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the development of industry on an extensive scale

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Agriculture must be at the forefront of Africa's industrialization," he said, adding that integrated power and adequate transport infrastructure would facilitate economic integration, support agricultural value chain development and economies of scale which drive industrialization.
In his introductory remarks, Stiglitz discusses why industrialization remains relevant as Africa enters the 21st century.
The report, entitled Industrialize Africa: Strategies, Policies, Institutions and Financing, was published to coincide with Africa Industrialization Day on November 20.
He said keeping in view the importance of CPEC, new industrial estate was badly needed in Islamabad to attract investment, promote industrialization and create jobs.
We believe that national industrialization will pave the way for the development of science and technology.
However, he hailed the decision of the KP government for formulation of new industrial policy which was need of the hour and it also helps for the revival of industrialization in KP.
Addressing the meeting, the Chief Minister said that industrialization strategy was an important element of growth strategy for strengthening provincial economy.
In this study, the author argues that the history of postbellum Southern industrialization has been both poorly researched and considerably misunderstood.
The Day accords governments and other organizations in many African countries with the opportunity to find ways to refine Africa's industrialization process and an occasion to attract worldwide media and global attention to the issues and challenges of industrialization in Africa.
The industrialization in private sector largely serves the interests of influential business tycoons rather benefiting the people of this province.
The African Union (AU) has sought China's support towards its push for the inclusion of trade and industrialization agenda in the future UN plan to fight poverty, known as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), at talks with visiting Chinese officials.
Industrialization process started in Kazakhstan in 2010 led to the restructuring of the national economy, Deputy Prime Minister Asset Issekeshev said during the 27th plenary meeting of the Foreign Investors Council in Borovoe, the press service of the Prime Minister said.
The Under-Secretary-General for Public Information, Peter Launsky-Tieffenthal, introduced the report and noted that it "draws attention to Africa's continued industrialization, and encourages enhanced interaction between the public and the private sectors", recommending "stronger institutions and policies to foster that industrialization.
Industrialization in the modern world; from the Industrial Revolution to the Internet; 2v.
There are reasons to believe that industrialization will continue to be one of the major engines of growth, transformation, and socioeconomic development.