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someone who manages or has significant financial interest in an industrial enterprise

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"Sorry to hear of the passing of veteran industrialist Shri B.K.
Later, three more industrialists made similar remarks during their introductory speeches.
In a word following the elections, Gemayel considered his winning as a victory for all industrialists. He described the election as "a competition with sportsmanship at its best, which reflects the spirit of democracy characterizing all industrialists, and should be a role model to be followed regarding all challenging deadlines in Lebanon."
Popular Brummie historian Dr Carl Chin has drawn up a list of industrialists from which Birmingham Mail readers are being asked to select the most inspiring.
Relying on public discourse, newspapers, bulletins, and meeting records, Weinstein follows the evolution of SENAI and SESI in Sao Paulo state, the responses of industrialists and labor to their programs, and the interactions between the state and the industrialists.
Barbara Weinstein's excellent new study of Sao Paulo's industrialists contributes to the discussion by breaking from the traditional historiography in two ways.
PESHAWAR -- Industria-lists Association Peshawar (IAP) president Zarak Khan has asked the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to withdraw its notices issued to industrialists for collection of property tax, saying that the ongoing crackdown by the excise and taxation department officials could lead to closure of industries in the province.
While interacting with the media, industrialist's lawyer Abad Ponda confirmed that the case was "quashed."
He said that after the passage of the Industries Registration Act 2017 the industrialist will be legally bound to establish effluent treatment plants on their expenses.
Abboud also questioned why the Lebanese government and industrialist have not taken a serious initiative to open a new market in Russia.
New Delhi: The apex court issued notice to the Enforcement Directorate (ED) on industrialist Vijay Mallya's plea.
"There are people who don't want to get themselves photographed with any industrialist but there is hardly any who didn't meet them on the sly.
The GOTI used to sell textile to the industrialists with stable prices, but the industrialist demanded to determine the prices of textile according to the international prices after they witnessed a considerable decrease.