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Fragmentation issue in Malaysia Industrialised Building System (IBS) project," J.
These are currently 349 companies from 23 industrialised nations.
The resolution made reference to Manchester in the UK, Lille in France, Essen and the Ruhr region in Germany and Bilbao in Spain, where EU financing helped reconvert and restructure former industrialised regions.
He further explained that the problem of 'equity', where the developing nations needed more leeway in emitting carbon, as opposed to developed nations, which had already industrialised.
However, in many industrialised countries, emissions fell significantly; Russia, for example, showed a 28 per cent drop.
Germany stands alone in its determination among the world's major industrialised nations still using nuclear power to replace it with renewables.
He blamed Western industrialised nations for hunger, desertification and floods across the globe, and called for "drastic solutions" to global warming.
For example, the European Union has agreed to a climate and energy package with which it will be able to reach its target of a 20 per cent emission reduction over 1990 levels by 2020 (30 per cent if other industrialised countries follow suit.
Merkel said developing countries should be allowed to increase their emissions per capita while industrialised nations cut their's, until both sides reached the same level.
The basic global trade pattern in recovered paper continues to be rather simple: the industrialised regions of North America, Western Europe, Japan and, to a lesser extent, Oceania, all have export surpluses of recovered paper and supply the emerging and developing countries.
FOREIGN Secretary Jack Straw was joining other foreign ministers from the leading industrialised nations and the Arab world today, gathering to discuss Iraq.
A June report by the independent research centre, The Australia Institute, claims that, on a comprehensive basis, Australians actually have the highest greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions per person of all industrialised nations, 27% higher in fact than those of US citizens, and more than double the average for industrialised countries.
All countries have to act, but the industrialised world has to take the lead.
Representatives of 166 countries who attended the Bonn Conference left without addressing the politically sensitive issues, though they were able to make significant progress on a number of important technical points (improving national relations between industrialised countries, tightening guidelines for assessing greenhouse gas emissions, negotiation procedures in respect of monitoring mechanisms, establishment of necessary capacity in certain countries and procedures for the application of the flexible mechanisms).
First, the industrialised nations put too much emphasis on establishing `flexibility mechanisms' -- schemes such as international emissions trading, investing in projects in other industrialised countries (Joint Implementation) and investing in projects in developing countries (Clean Development Mechanism).