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the development of industry on an extensive scale

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The government ministers are focused on rapid industrialisation of
Xiangchen said, "China-Africa industrialisation partnerships will be at the forefront of any development in the continent followed by agricultural activities.
To support its evolving industrialisation strategy, SQS has announced the expansion of its Pune-based Centre of Excellence for managed testing services.
The park signed leases with five new tenants in 2014, and the country's focus on industrialisation means that more industries are looking for space this year, according to Rashed Al Darmaki, chief executive officer of TIP.
The issue of industrialisation is firmly back on the table in policy and development circles in Africa.
Singapore: Growth-hungry Asian economies which bypass industrialisation and leapfrog from agriculture to the services sector may fall into a 'middle income trap', the Asian Development Bank (ADB) cautioned yesterday.
Now industrialisation is springing up in prominent wild places.
On industrialisation, Minister Schlettwein said he is optimistic that the country has all the basic building blocks of becoming an industrialised nation.
Bapco chief executive Faisal Al Mahroos expressed pride in signing the agreement with BWWP aimed at fostering the process of industrialisation in Bahrain and enhancing industrial growth of the kingdom.
Keywords: industrialisation, construction, metrics, systems analysis, productivity, developing countries.
As the post-war period saw increasing need for capital investment to finance industrialisation, self-interested and binge lending of the international investment banks would not take the borrowers' best interests into account.
The Military Industrialisation Ministry headed by Hwaish was "the primary agency responsible for Iraq's weapons of mass destruction programmes during the 1980s", according to Globalsecurity.
Industrialisation and Private Enterprises in Mexico.
Industrialisation and Society: A Social History, 1830-1951.
SIR - It seems that once again the beautiful countryside of Wales is to be spoiled in the pursuit of industrialisation, but this time through the installation of large and unsightly wind turbines.