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Synonyms for industrial-strength

extremely strong or concentrated or durable

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WD-40 Specialist Industrial-Strength Cleaner & Degreaser is low-odor and cleans so well that it outperforms other leading brand degreasers.
After analysis, the source was discovered to be a strong acid, possibly an industrial-strength drain cleaning solution, which had been discarded in a domestic wheelie bin.
He said: "People talk about Fergie's hairdryer but David has an industrial-strength temper.
Mountain rescuers staged their own sponsored dip in Llyn Ogwen - Ogwen team members hope to buy an industrial-strength dehumidifier to dry out their equipment after rescues.
An hour after opening her bargain, Emma was rushed to hospital, nauseous and with failing eyesight because the vodka was mostly industrial-strength pure alcohol.
If forecasts are to be believed this weekend we should be sweating like Brucie when he passes an industrial-strength air conditioning unit.
If you live in Illinois, you must now show a government-issued photo ID if you want to fix the problem by buying industrial-strength drain cleaner or other "caustic or noxious substances."
Wowza Media Systems is the "Any Screen Done Right[TM]" media server software company delivering an industrial-strength infrastructure for streaming live video, video-on-demand, live recording, and video chat.
ACCES I/O Products (San Diego, CA) has announced the addition of a rugged, industrial-strength 4-port USB hub to its ever-growing product line of small form factor embedded products--the USB-104-HUB.
But it is 28 per cent sodium chlorite solution - the equivalent to industrial-strength bleach.
Phoenix Contact has introduced what the company describes as industrial-strength Power-over Ethernet (PoE) modules, which make it possible to use the Ethernet to transfer not only data but also electricity.
Individuals from all over the world obtained their personalized (text, logo, bar code) accreditation badges made by Evolis Pebble printers, while Evolis Quantum, the industrial-strength printer, delivered and printed independently 15,000 badges for groups of 3o0 to 800 people at a time.
The collection beds come complete with a pillow, two blood-scale brackets, travel case, durable powder-coated lags with quick-button height adjustment (from 24" to 33"), industrial-strength tubular aluminum frame with welded hinges, and peel-off upholstery that is easily replaced when worn.
* Fitted with four industrial-strength casters for easy movement without a lift truck
Creative Suite packs in many powerful programs: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat and GoLive: to understand how they work both individually and as a unit, Real World Creative Suite 2: Industrial-Strength Production Techniques teaches all the basics.
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