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any of several branches of psychology that seek to apply psychological principles to practical problems of education or industry or marketing etc

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Pakistani scholars have been exploring the areas of organizational behavior, industrial psychology and human resource management, mostly in banking and telecommunication sector (Saleem and Khurshid, 2014).
Usually these companies have trained staff (clinical psychologists, Ph.D.s in industrial psychology, etc.) to help interpret the results.
& Appelbaum, J (1995), "Rationality of Negotiations in International Industrial Relations" , International Journal of Industrial Psychology ,3(1): 101-32
In industrial psychology any workforce with low morale is going to scapegoat and think it important that when there is disaster there is someone to blame.
French had been given the title of dean of the School of Philosophy In short order, he was teaching courses in general psychology, industrial psychology and abnormal psychology.
Personality theories and its structures have considerable effects on organizational and industrial psychology from practical and theoretical point of view [2].
Continuing my academic career, I pursued a master's degree in industrial psychology as a way of learning about the world of work and how to better manage a workforce.
It has been a foundation of industrial psychology ever since and remains relevant to many elements of the CIMA syllabus.
Hargis grew up in Little Rock and got his undergraduate degree in industrial psychology from Hendrix College in Conway and then moved to Detroit to obtain a doctorate in quantitative management from Wayne State University
Dr Ralph Evans, an industrial psychology consultant based in Pretoria, said that based on his experience working for industrial or corporate companies, working for a horrible boss who is always screaming or pulling rank for no valid reason has a detrimental effect on employees' physical and mental health.
For around quarter of a century Rhona Flin, Professor of Applied Psychology and Director of the Industrial Psychology Research Centre at the University of Aberdeen, has been helping make the oil industry a safer place to work.
I am not only looking forward to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Studies Honours and Industrial Psychology and to an even brighter future, but also to put what I've learned to good use.
In this biography, Des Jardins (history, Baruch College) portrays Gilbreth as a pioneer of industrial psychology in her own right with the belief that employers must consider the human needs of workers.
The content of industrial psychology in Psychological Abstracts, 1927-1970.
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