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Al Jurf Industrial Plant is valued at $29.5m (AED108.5) and was launched by FEWA's director-general, Mohammed Saleh, on 28 March.
The expansion is part of an ongoing strategy of investing throughout the Americas, which consists of the acquisitions of industrial plants in Mexico in 2003 and 2004, the opening of Oxiteno's first commercial office in the US in 2007, and the addition of units in Venezuela and Uruguay, in 2007 and 2012, respectively.
The accounts of the state-owned military industrial plant were blocked by the National Revenue Agency (NRA) one week ago because of its debts to the state of about BGN 150 M.
154.10 crore non fund based bank limits of DC Industrial Plant Services Private Limited (DCIPS) + from LB+ (pronounced L B plus) to LBB-(pronounced L double B minus).
US Cygnus Business Media said Friday it had decided to sell its industrial magazines Fabricating & Metalworking, Industrial Machinery Digest and Total Industrial Plant Solutions to their long-term publishers.
A MAN was being treated in hospital today after an accident at an industrial plant. The lorry driver became trapped beneath an insulation slab at Corus in Lackenby.
The estimated total investment including the industrial plant and purchase and development of purpose-planted forests is US$ 1.3 billion.
said Monday its group net balance swung back into the black for the first time in three years in fiscal 2004 as it cut costs and boosted sales in industrial plant, machinery and shipbuilding operations.
EXTRA space for new business tenants is being created on the Cheshire Manufacturing Park with the demolition of old industrial plant.
It updates Directive 96/82/EC by extending its scope to cover mining activities, potassium nitrate, pyrotechnic material, and introducing an obligation on industrial plant managers to implement safety management mechanisms including in particular an assessment of the risks and an obligation to inform the public about the potential industrial risks as well as what to do in the event of an accident.
The qualified business generally sells or deeds the manufacturing or industrial plant to the city or county, and the city or county leases it back to the business.
This support will include the development of shipboard and shore-based modernization requirements and support for industrial plant procurement and installation.
The creation of the Richmond Ballet's new home had a distinctly scientific ring to it: Take one sprawling industrial plant in a transitional neighborhood, add a generous helping of community spirit and local lucre, mix with space-expanding and surface-softening elements (cranes to raise ceilings and 26,000 rubber cylinders to spring floors, in this case), and watch phase of dance professionalism and civic pride come to life.
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