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Synonyms for indurate

to make or become physically hard

to make resistant to hardship, especially through continued exposure

Synonyms for indurate

become fixed or established

Related Words

become hard or harder

emotionally hardened

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Obsession with Britishness and the greatness cargo-cult often has its own weird parochialism: an indurate sense of centrality, and hence of both potency of will and changelessness, the superiority syndrome once ridiculed in Australia as 'Pommy'.
To an indurate general conservatism, such retreat could always be presented as something other than terminal.
He is sour, bitchy, callous, and indurate as well as sentimental.
In Dasypogon, the thin-walled fruit is enclosed in a persistent, indurate perigone that functions as the primary dispersal unit (Fig.
The two-day session will be indurate by Federal Minister for Youth Affairs (MOYA) Shahid Hussain Bhutto.
After 6-8 hours, the affected area is painful and itchy, showing a central indurate area surrounded by a pale ischemic zone and another exterior erythematous section that conforms the typical bull's-eye sign (red-white-blue) [18,20], a liveloid plaque (purple stain) secondary to the gravitational dissemination of the venom (Figure 1) [5,9,21].