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a covering of fine hairs (or sometimes scales) as on a leaf or insect

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Greyish indumentum with high presence of stellate trichomes, some frizzy.
The occurrence and localization of crystals resembling cystoliths, the characteristics of the indumentum, the density of stomata anda particular anatomy similar to Kranz in some species, were useful diagnostic characters.
The leaflet indumentum were classified as glabrose, pilose, or pubescent.
On the underside of the young fronds is the downy brown pulu or indumentum.
Many of the wild rhododendrons from the Himalayas have felt- like covering under the leaves called indumentum which ranges from silvery white to cinnamon and is particularly evident in the winter.
argyrogaliciana Number of capitula 1 1 Stellate trichomes abundant on both few to numerous on on leaves surfaces of all leaves adaxial surface of some leaves and absent on others; few to numerous on abaxial surface of some leaves and absent on others Indumentum of very dense, with very dense, with involucral bracts dominant long simple stellate, glandular and eglandular trichomes, long simple eglandular [+ or -] abundant trichomes in more or stellate trichomes and less similar proportions very scarce or absent (generally simple glandular trichomes eglandular ones most abundant) Characters P.
badia Height (cm) 15-30(-55) 60-80 Internode length short elongated Node indumentum puberulent to short hirsute to scabrellous glabrous Sheath margin short pilose short hirsute to indumentum glabrous Ligule length (mm) 0.
According to this author, young vegetative branches, inflorescences and fruits in their early stages of development show dense rust-colored tomentose indumentum, and glandular trichomes (GTs) may be present on their petals, stamens and styles.
83 binary-coded characters from epidermis, hypodermis, mesophyll, and vascular tissues: Epidermis--Differences are found in the shape and thickness of outer and inner wall of the cells; epidermal cells on adaxial side with outer wall thin (1) or thick (2); abaxial epidermis with cells round in outline (3), rectangular (4), or oval (5), with outer wall thin (6) or thick (7); epidermal indumentum is absent (8) or present, either papillate (9) or composed of cone-shaped hairs with pluricellular base (10).
22 cm long, with a thin indumentum of brown scales and with brown and yellowish bicolor spines to 3 cm long; petiole ca.
Herbs, shrubs, subshrubs or little trees, usually with axillary spines, unique indumentum of long, two-celled, barnadesioid hairs on vegetative and reproductive organs.
by a combination of indumentum, pigmentation and flower morphology features.