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opposition to the flow of electric current resulting from inductance and capacitance (rather than resistance)

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Internal inductive resistance for the corners of 50x50x 5 and 75x75x 10 is in the range of 0.216/0.18 [OMEGA]/km and with a slight error [X.sup.1] [approximately equal to] 0.195 = const can be taken.
In the latter case, electrical resonance is possible if the value of the capacitive mechanical resistance is balanced by the inductive resistance of the LM.
According to it, the direct axis transient inductive resistance x'd value is determined as follows
For example, one of ways to solve the problem of increase the SM starting characteristics is serial connection of capacitors to the excitation windings which compensate its inductive resistance, but of the wrong choice of their capacities can call result in the phenomena of the voltage resonance or to decrease the starting electromagnet torque instead of its increase [7].
where in formulas (8)-(12) [E.sup.'.sub.2f]--the effective phase voltage of the rotor's open circuit; m--the number of pulsations of the rectified voltage; [U.sub.2]--the effective delta voltage of the rotor; [k.sub.e]--factor of the rotor's internal voltage; [[omega].sub.g]--the angular speed of the rotor; [x.sub.K]--the inductive resistance of the diodes commutation; [I.sub.d]--the rectified current; [gamma]--the commutation angle of the diodes.
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