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a coil for producing a high voltage from a low-voltage source

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In the fine film processing of resins and so on, when the roll is heated by contact with a web of higher temperature, the external heat input can be controlled with mild cooling by the mist, and in conjunction with the electromagnetic induction heating of the induction coil, the setpoint temperature is precisely maintained.
with [[PHI].sub.11](x, [x.sub.1], t) and [[PHI].sub.22](x, [x.sub.1], t) being the total self-magnetic flux of each induction coil in a TCR antenna.
In 1879, back in London, he noticed some curious phenomena related to the sparks produced by his induction coil. The spark seemed to produce an electrical effect at a distance from the induction coil and spark gap itself.
Zhang, "Improvement of current filament method and its application in performance analysis of induction coil gun," IEEE Trans.
* Carefully take the induction coil from the Palm Pre case.
This is achieved by optimising the ratio of the dimensions of the induction coil and the body of the heater, lining the induction heater with a refractory material, selection of the shape of the crucible, covering the surface of the metal with the refractory cover and, most importantly, special position of the induction coil in relation to the heated component.
To try and stay true to the original design we had a lot of hot riveting done which is a hard skill to find nowadays." In all more than 4,000 individual rivets were used to strengthen the bridge, each one heated individually with an induction coil heater.
If you were to have demonstrated the use of an induction coil 300 years ago, and turned on the electrical current, what resulted would have been dismissed as magic, simply because they wouldn't have understood the scientific logic behind what they were seeing.
This greatly reduces the amount of energy needed to power the induction coil. Superconductor induction heaters achieve efficiencies of 90 percent.
And since there is no flame, smoke or gas emission, this makes them an extremely safe and convenient portable cooking solution.Induction cooking is based on magnetic fields: each 'element' (an induction coil) generates a magnetic field that induces heat in steel cookware placed on top of it.
It is fitted with an induction coil for a clear audio signal, and can also detect metal at short distances.
The digital HD-2 also has an internal induction coil, allowing wireless communication, suitable for cordless and digital telephones, plus walkie-talkie radios.
This relied upon measuring forces between a solenoid and an induction coil where the magnetic flux was calculated from dimensional measurements.
"One of the most notable pieces is the induction coil displayed in the library.
The induction coil quickly elevates the temperature of the EMA material located at the bond interface by passing high frequency current through the coil and is inductively absorbed into the EMA material.