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Synonyms for induction

Synonyms for induction

the act or process of formally admitting a person to membership or office

compulsory enrollment in military service

Synonyms for induction

an electrical phenomenon whereby an electromotive force (EMF) is generated in a closed circuit by a change in the flow of current

reasoning from detailed facts to general principles

stimulation that calls up (draws forth) a particular class of behaviors

the act of bringing about something (especially at an early time)

an act that sets in motion some course of events

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Significant superiority of induction motors over others is one of the primary driving factors in the induction Motors market.
In addition, although women in the induction group had a longer stay in the L&D unit (an expected outcome), the overall postpartum length of stay was shorter.
The rationale of this study is to utilize lower dose protocol of misoprostol (25 ug) for induction of labour in term pregnancies and compare the outcome of oral route with vaginal route.
The difference in fasting blood sugar between groups was analyzed using ANOVA showed that a statistically significant increase [P <0.001] in all the 3 groups when compared to normal control on induction. Following treatment, Group II and III had reduced fasting blood sugar to a level similar to normal control [P=0.250,0.457 respectively], while reduction of the fasting blood sugar by M.charantia low dose (Group I) was not to the extent of that of normal control.
The Asean Iron and Steel Council (AISC) had earlier issued a warning on Asean member-nations about the use of induction furnace, which it described as an 'obsolete and outdated machinery' as these have already been banned in China, raising concerns that Asean will become a dumping ground for these equipment.
The results of our study show that co-induction with a small dose of midazolam provides better haemodynamic stability with least reduction in MAP and HR in patients following induction of anaesthesia with propofol.
After which, he added, the PGMI chalked out a formula and included 30 per cent marks of ETEA test for induction in FCPS-II.
BALTRA is planning to sell more than 20,000 units of these two new models of Infrared Induction Cookers in the current financial year.
And because induction does not heat up the surface while you're cooking, it will be a lot easier to clean.
The company's DIOS hybrid electric range has two induction heat burners and one radiant heat burner.
The old pessimistic induction holds that since past theories were rejected, present theories will also be rejected.
ABSTRACT: A study of stator slot design for induction motor is necessary in order to additional improvement of efficiency and reduces the winding loss.
Middlesbrough, United Kingdom, September 22, 2017 --( Intasite, a north east based online induction specialist, has streamlined the induction process for UK renown port company, PD Ports.
From the past few years, induction programs for the novice teachers has been attaining a great interest to guide and support the newly recruited educator for first teaching job.
Among the three cultivar tested on eight different callus induction media (CIM) formulations, Rio Grande was the most responsive cultivar showing 93.3% callus induction responses on CIM1, having 1 mgL-1 BAP and 0.1 mgL-1 NAA, followed by Moneymaker with 46.67% callus induction responseson CIM7 containing 0.5 mgL-1 BAP, 0.5 mgL-1 NAA, 0.5 mgL-1 IAA and 1 mgL-1 Kinetin fromhypocotyl explants.Among the eight different media compositions, CIM1 resulted in maximum callus induction showing 34.1% and 27.23% average callus induction from hypocotyls and cotyledons' explants, respectively.