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an electrical phenomenon whereby an electromotive force (EMF) is generated in a closed circuit by a change in the flow of current

an electrical device (typically a conducting coil) that introduces inductance into a circuit


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Theoretically, the number of turns on the primary side effects the magnetizing and leakage inductances, so we wanted to see how that varied experimentally.
PCB capacitance and inductance pose greater problems because they can couple RF voltages and currents into nearby traces and reduce the effectiveness of decoupling capacitors and EMC filters.
The optimization of the spark gap, variation of the inductance and resistance of the spark gap, geometry of the discharge channel of laser, observance of beam spot and electric field to pressure in the discharge channel of laser are measured and calculated.
Both these effects influence the main as well as the leakage inductances.
The reason is that the inductance of the mounted capacitor is the limiting factor for its performance, and capacitors with smaller bodies have lower inductance.
The total inductance of a loop is then equal to the sum of the partial self-inductances of each straight element plus all the partial mutual inductances between the elements.
In [13], different geometrical models for the calculation of inductances of induction machines were evaluated, and the best approximation was recommended.
Abstract: This paper describes a possibility for estimation of the rotor position in low speed of interior permanent synchronous motor (IPMSM) The IPMSM has salient rotor, this means the stator inductance changes depending on the current position of the rotor, so information about rotor position is contained in changes of stator inductance.
Inductance relates the voltage across a coil's terminals to the rate of change in current flow: V = L di/dt.
Less obviously, the series inductance of PCB traces and component pins may make it impossible for a monolithic power supply to respond quickly enough to satisfy instantaneous current demands.
Features the detailed derivation of the loop and partial inductances of numerous configurations of current-carrying conductors
An accurate inductances calculation is necessary to improve the accuracy of the analysis of electrical machines.
The paper deals with modelling and design of HF 200 kHz (and more) low-power transformers with determinated leakage inductances for both hard- and soft-switching applications.
You just have to be careful translating partial inductances into loop inductances when applying the concept to calculate induced voltages.
E[acute accent]--"The Influence of Parasitic Inductances on Current Mismatch in Parallel MOSFETs" by Alan Elbanhawy.