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act of bringing about a desired result

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We have already proved that there is no induced diamond in G* with exactly three nonprobe vertices inducing a triangle.
We have already proved that there is no induced diamond in [G.sup.*] with exactly three nonprobe vertices inducing a triangle.
METABOLIC POISON While much remains to be understood about hibernation and torpor, researchers have made progress toward inducing similar states in laboratory studies.
These effects of CRF occurred independent of the pituitary and adrenal because manipulations of the adrenal gland (pharmacological or surgical adrenalectomy), which prevented a stress-induced rise in corticosterone from occurring, did not affect footshock-induced relapse; that is, footshock was capable of inducing relapse in the absence of stress-induced release of glucocorticoids from the adrenal gland.
One of a new class of "atypical" antipsychotic drugs--quetiapine fumarate--has been shown to be particularly effective in treating the psychotic symptoms associated with these diseases without inducing or worsening EPS.
To understand the evolutionary ecology of inducible response systems, and whether they are examples of adaptive plasticity (sensu Dudley and Schmitt 1996), it is important to measure the fitness consequences (benefits and costs) of induction for the inducing organism.
More recently, the technique of inducing sputum samples by nebulized hypertonic saline has been introduced in the diagnosis of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia in HIV-positive patients [4].
Therefore, both [E.sub.2] and BPA rapidly change glycemia most likely by inducing an hypersecretion of insulin through a non-classical ER-mediated mechanism that may involve the ncmER previously described in these cells (Nadal et al.
Researchers have predicted numerous benefits of inducing torpor in people--for example, preventing further damage after a stroke or heart attack by slowing the body's often-harmful response, or putting a patient into a metabolically suspended state while he or she awaits a vital-organ transplant.
Further, the public speaking challenge, although successful at inducing stress, wasn't representative of the multiple complex stressors experienced in a typical work day.
The best defense against these predominantly mucosal pathogens would be vaccines, preferably mucosal vaccines capable of inducing both systemic and mucosal immunity.
To verify that the pretreatment protocol was indeed inducing TR-[beta], we followed TR expression in caudal muscle of pretreated tadpoles using semiquantitative RT-PCR.
Salmonella, on the other hand, actively invades intestinal epithelial cells by inducing membrane ruffling and macropinocytosis.
It is well accepted that EDCs exert their effects after binding at the classical ER-[alpha] and ER-[beta], inducing classic nuclear actions (Grunfeld and Bonefeld-Jorgensen 2004; McLachlan 2001).
Some researchers are inducing angiogenesis in heart-disease patients to help them rebuild damaged heart muscle (SN: 2/28/98, p.