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Synonyms for mutation

Synonyms for mutation

the process or result of making or becoming different

the process or result of changing from one appearance, state, or phase to another

Synonyms for mutation

(biology) an organism that has characteristics resulting from chromosomal alteration

a change or alteration in form or qualities

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Walther, "Effectiveness of mutagenic treatment with ionizing radiation in barley, induced mutation in Plants," pp.
Our data provides useful information for investigating the function of the OsMsh6 gene in DNA repair and exploiting MMR mutants in induced mutation breeding in rice.
Development of early maturing and short statured varieties of rice through the use of induced mutations. Final Technical Report, PL-480 Project PK-ARS-117.
Induced mutation method has been successfully used to increase the quality, disease, pest resistance and ultimately the yield in many crops including potato (Ahloowalia 1990); Sonnino et al.
Present results confirm that induced mutations are contributing significantly to creating genetic variations in crop plants.
(2001) induced mutation has great potentials and serves as a complementary approach in genetic improvement of crops.
ABASIN-95 by induced mutation. They exposed seeds of B.
The goal is to use hybridization and induced mutation breeding to produce high-yielding indica lines with good-quality grain and ideal amylose content for the U.S.
Georgia-02C originated from a cross made in 1993 between 'Southern Runner' (Gorbet et al., 1987) and a Georgia high-oleic selection derived by [gamma]-irradiation induced mutation from seed of 'Georgia Runner' (Branch, 1991).
Strain Spontaneous Mutation Frequency (S) TA7001 0.9 ([+ or -] 0.1) X 1[0.sup.-8] TA7004 0.8 ([+ or -] 0.1) X 1[0.sup.-7] TA98 1.1 ([+ or -] 0.3) X 1[0.sup.-7] Strain Induced Mutation Induced Fold Frequency (I) (daunomycin) (120 [micro]g/ml daunomycin) (I/S) TA7001 6.6 ([+ or -] 0.1) X 1[0.sup.-8] 7.3 TA7004 6.1 ([+ or -] 0.6) X 1[0.sup.-7] 7.6 TA98 4.9 ([+ or -] 0.5) X 1[0.sup.-6] 44.6 Strain Induced Mutation Induced Fold Frequency (I) (idarubicin) (120 [micro]g/ml idarubicin) (I/S) TA7001 2.6 ([+ or -] 0.1) X 1[0.sup.-8] 2.8 TA7004 7.0 ([+ or -] 0.1) X 1[0.sup.-7] 8.7 TA98 1.8 ([+ or -] 0.3) X 1[0.sup.-6] 16.1 Table 3.
Thus in the present study the important desirable characters, which had been achieved through induced mutation include high yield, grain quality, early maturity, disease resistance, improved plant type and better protein, oil and fatty acids.
-7] Strain Induced Mutation Induction Fold Frequency (I) (I/S) (120 [micro]g/ml adriamycin) TA7001 3.3 ([+ or -] 0.3) X [10.sup.
Therefore, artificial mutagenesis through irradiation or by use of different chemicals has become a very significant way for plant propagation in flower reproduction (Barakat and El-Sammak, 2011).Through induced mutation, a large number of plant varieties have been developed with improved traits such as high yield, early maturity, as well as high protein content, biotic and abiotic resistance.
The highest observed induced mutation frequency for all three Salmonella strains occurred at a daunomycin concentration of 120 [micro]g/mL (maximally induced mutation frequencies are listed in Table 2, Column 3).