induced abortion

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"As serious adverse events are uncommon, any focus on centralising procedures must consider geographical access to surgically induced abortion and wait times, so that women who need the procedure can have it within a reasonable time frame," said Ning Liu.
statistics, documents that countries which deny or significantly limit accessibility to induced abortion enjoy significantly better rates of maternal and infant mortality than neighboring countries that allow abortion on demand.
In Iran, induced abortion is illegal, except when necessary to save the life of the woman and in cases of severe fetal abnormality; yet, some women who desire a nontherapeutic induced abortion find a way to terminate their pregnancy.
Data was collected with a three-part questionnaire, focussing on students' characteristics, the knowledge of abortion law in Turkey and attitudes towards voluntary induced abortion. SPSS 15 was used for data analysis.
Maarit Mentula, M.D., from the University of Helsinki, and colleagues retrospectively assessed data from a nationwide registry to identify women who had an induced abortion in Finland between 2000 and 2008, as well as matched controls.
Few international studies have compared volatile anesthetics with propofol for minor gynecologic procedures, including induced abortion [12].
None of the tested variables were significantly associated with experience of induced abortion.
At lower level of literacy, prevalence of induced abortion was higher in rural area.
Abortions performed by unskilled personnel result in serious complications.2 In Pakistan nearly every 1 of 6 pregnancies is terminated in an unsafe manner.36 According to an estimate a total of 622,600 women were treated for post abortion complications following induced abortion in Pakistan (2012).33 However in the study only 57 cases reported complications indicating safe abortion practice at hospitals.
The 2011 Society of Family Planning (SFP) clinical guidelines on prevention of infection after induced abortion identified 14 randomized trials that examined the efficacy of antibiotic regimens administered preoperatively to prevent upper genital tract infection after first trimester surgical procedures.
"In the past 30 years, landmark advances in developmental and molecular breast biology coupled with multiple epidemiologic studies from around the world have shown induced abortion to be an independent risk factor for breast cancer.
The adverse impact of legally induced abortion on society is apparent, with major demographic and social changes.
As the consequences of unintended pregnancy and induced abortion result in substantial costs to the country's health care system, as well as to women and their families, policymakers and service providers must make improved access to quality contraceptive services an urgent priority, especially in rural areas, so that Pakistani women are better able to time and space their pregnancies and have the number of children they desire.
Globally it is estimated that 70000 women approximately 13% of annual maternal deaths result from complications of induced abortion with 99% of these in developing countries and 23000 in African countries.1 In Nigeria an estimated 2040% of maternal deaths result from abortion complications2-4 with a procedure-related death rate of 680 per 100000 abortion.5
Interpretation of unsafe abortion should be linked to the most recent technical guidance on the management of complications of induced abortion. The definition does not predetermine who should be considered a safe abortion provider or what the appropriate skills or standards for performing abortions should be.