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Synonyms for induce

Synonyms for induce

Synonyms for induce

cause to arise


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cause to occur rapidly

reason or establish by induction

produce electric current by electrostatic or magnetic processes

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At high concentrations (> 50 [micro]M), arsenic is able to induce an apoptotic response in vitro, a phenomenon probably exploited in its use to treat leukemia (Jimi et al 2004; Lunghi et al 2004).
2] induces a highly coordinated transcriptional program that orchestrates a cascade of cellular events related to uterine growth.
Encouraged by their success with strontium, the researchers tried another atomic gas, using a commercially available laser to induce transparency in lead vapor contained in a molybdenum cell heated to 1,150[degrees]C.
For EP only, the 10,000 [micro]g/kg dose was able to significantly induce luciferase activity when measured with MS after 8 hr (Figure 1).
For example, if a patient is two weeks beyond Naegele's rule for a due date, [the obstetrician] might induce labor for post-maturity" without realizing the infant is actually only a week overdue.
Since then, vanadium has been found to regulate the activity of various enzymes that induce pronounced changes in metabolic functions.
Indeed, until now, all that's been known is that there is something in the extracts of certain mammalian organs that has the ability to induce differentiation (normal maturation) in cultured leukemic cells.
The TEF approach for risk assessment of HA compounds is mechanism based because the compounds of concern all act through a common aryl hydrocarbon (Ah) receptor (AhR) and induce a common set of AhR-mediated responses.
4 PTZ exposure cause brain damage and induce epileptic seizures by affecting specific receptors and the magnitudes of seizure differ in the developing brain as compared to the mature brain.
To see whether 5'AMP could induce torpor, the researchers injected a synthetic version of the compound into animals on normal feeding and activity schedules.
5 hr and disappears after 3 hr) may induce neuronal degeneration resembling the delayed and progressive nature of the symptoms in patients with Parkinson's disease (Gao et al.