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10) In the preface he formulated for the first time the famous method of indubitability on which he founded the cogito argument.
Having started on the way to truth by experiencing the illumination of the cogito, one ends by realizing that the indubitability of all clear and distinct ideas is not only a psychological fact that one accepts and lives with, but is a God-ordained fact, and hence objectively true.
Foundationalism thus characterized does not make justification depend on any of the Cartesian immunities of indubitability, incorrigibility, and infallibility.
Locke's indubitability account of knowledge is based on the perception of the agreement of ideas.
Thus, he often criticizes proponents of free will skepticism for having a hyperbolic conception of free will, akin to the Cartesian notion of knowledge as indubitability.
It is of indubitability that the most adaptive structure in the world comes from natural design.