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Synonyms for indrawn

tending to reserve or introspection


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Initial parts of speech turns, often containing indrawn breath, were not counted.
The boy, we soon learn, murdered the teacher's son five years before, and as the indrawn carpenter loads his car with tarp and rope and takes the unheeding teenager to a secluded lumberyard, the scene is evidently set for revenge.
Carter honors Bishop's pauses for breath midway through each line (he wants the soprano to sing "as if out of breath") and her sense of indrawn intimacy (it's the quietest setting in the sequence--nothing louder than p).
Christie's refusal of her white suitor, Piatote writes, crystallizes in the line, "'No: said the girl, with quick, indrawn breath" (24).
The result changed from one sculpture to the next, spawning a different sculptural product: at times the clay is extended and open, as if it wishes to show and expose; at times it is folded in, indrawn and closed to its surroundings; sometimes it is tantamount to a lump replete with fidgety folds, at others the folds are soft and gentle.
Each leaf is an indrawn breath as red as a pomegranate, or rather the colour of pomegranates, which is not exactly red.
I look to Murph, who stands over the indrawn form of the man, chewing his bottom lip.
The cursing of the jockeys under sharply indrawn breath, the chink of metal stirrups and the snort of every horse's breath drown out the commentator's isolated voice as he proclaims the leader, and the sound of the spectators as the horses stream around the turn.
And for those of us who've never seen a grizzly, or a tiger, or a cougar in the wild, the carnivores, without the near and present danger of their power, will also likely inspire the indrawn breath of delight as well as fear.
The moment comes midway through the New York Theater Workshop production of "A Number," where Dallas Roberts, playing one of multiple sons of Sam Shepard's phlegmatic, indrawn Salter, lets rip with the lone word "dad."
They're little sonic details, buried deep in Medulla's mix, some detectable only through a good pair of headphones: In "Pleasure Is All Mine," the sound of heavy panting, panned to the left of the stereo spectrum, and a gulping, swallowing sound in the far-right channel; elsewhere, stifled sobs, contented sighs, rasps, mewlings, a cry that sounds like a woman in childbirth and the most basic voice-music of all, the flutter and rush of indrawn and exhaled breath.
The self-abnegating, almost humiliating request for love or conjugality is vitiated by the question marks and the indrawn breath.
In this case, the exact mechanism of entry would be irrelevant, as in both cases the indrawn air would be potentially contaminated if the patient had SARS.
(65) The solitary reading of romances, however, would be an incomplete experience for it lacked the interaction promoted by prelection, "the delights of social response, of the communally indrawn breath, the interplay with others in passion and idea about the mutual experience." (66) We should thus visualize the private reading of romances as an activity complementary to public performance.