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Synonyms for indorse

give support or one's approval to

guarantee as meeting a certain standard

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sign as evidence of legal transfer


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By some henidical process - henidical, by the way is a favorite word of mine which nobody understands - by some henidical process you persuade yourself that you believe in the competitive system and the survival of the strong, and at the same time you indorse with might and main all sorts of measures to shear the strength from the strong."
InDorse Technologies, a provider of solutions to ensure the integrity and security of business-critical information, announced on Thursday (21 May) the opening of its UK operations and appointed Peter Meehan as the vice president of operations.
According to the company, under the direction of Meehan, the new UK division has established notable market penetration, attracting Microsoft Gold SharePoint partner ICS Solutions with its InDorse SPIDR solution for SharePoint manageability and information protection.
InDorse SPIDR improves Microsoft SharePoint by: adding a digital tag to track all file activity on the Microsoft SharePoint server(s); using the digital tag to create specific rules for determining who can access and manipulate files on the Microsoft SharePoint server(s); allowing the organisation to manage the files through contextually-based groups or classifications; extending the Microsoft SharePoint Workflow Engine for programming assurance into business processes which run document usage.
In addition, InDorse Discover, InDorse Tag and InDorse Protect enable companies to organise sensitive information and assure the document usage is in accordance with a company's compliance policies.