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the property being difficult or impossible to defeat

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The vision of USM is "A CIVILIZATION OF LOVE BUILT ON THE CORE VALUES OF WORLD RELIGIONS": the universal family spirit of Hinduism and Baha'i faith; the discipline and fellowship of Islam; the courage of Sikhism; the compassion of Buddhism; the non-violence of Jainism; the creativity of the Parsi religion; the indomitability of Judaism; the cosmic solidarity of Tribal religions and the self-sacrifice and forgiveness of Christianity.
Written and directed by JC Chandor, All Is Lost is a lean, nail-biting thriller that touches on themes of solitude, mortality and the indomitability of the human spirit.
The fear of failure to reach beyond personal goals, evident in "Hilos," is further complicated by language's inherent indomitability. This fierce independence takes center stage in "La espiral" (II, 476-477), a poem that centers on the poet's efforts to speak with the voice of nature and thereby, as mentioned earlier, breaks out of the intrinsic materiality of language and the binding structures of culture.
Their indomitability was duly rewarded with a fabulous victory that gives the Abu Dhabi driver a 33-point lead in the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies after three rounds.
indomitability of the spirit, a carefully made distinction, also evident
She raised our spirits with her indomitability. And in her pups she gave us two of the finest springers it has been our privilege to hunt over.
Alejandro Inarritu expands a minor historical anecdote --fur trapper Hugh Glass' survival trek after a bear mauling, circa 1823--into an epic representation of the human animal's indomitability and thirst for revenge.
It was only because of their genius and indomitability that Nietzsche could afford the Jews with the dubious distinction of being "the most catastrophic people of world history." (58) For it is not simply that when "confronted with the question whether to be or not to be, they chose ...
Barbadian Kamau Brathwaite, Haitian Rene Depestre, and Pedro Mir from the Dominican Republic are the three central axes of analysis; read together, they "exemplify much of the richness and wonder of the Caribbean literary imagination and the indomitability of the creative genius of the human species" (p.
A stubborn impression of Lucas's face, on the one hand, implies the indomitability of the black man and thus the difficulty of atoning for past sins; Chick realizes that, whatever he did, Lucas would not want or even need any help from the white Southern boy, or from Southern whites in general.
She sees it as a deliberate attempt aimed at supporting the playwright's belief in the indomitability of African culture ("The Representation of Women" 66).
Gaza is a place where the human spirit has shown its indomitability time and time again.
than with the breadth and depth of its considerable power, which speaks not to the indomitability of the spirit, but to the fragility of the self" MEGAN O'GRADY
Creativity persists even when it seems asleep, and it is a common understanding of all the main authors I refer to in this article, that creativity is characterized by unpredictability and indomitability.
SINEAD O'CONNOR: A performance by the great singersongwriter whose songs create emotional snapshots, musical testaments to the indomitability of the human spirit.