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teaching someone to accept doctrines uncritically

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He has nevertheless managed to investigate the Nazi party, the regime's relations with the churches, labor and youth groups, and its indoctrination policies in some detail.
May God preserve us from politically correct indoctrination.
But Kris Hopkins, Bradford Council leader and chair of the Open Madrasah Network, said: "Madrassas are not about indoctrination.
The New Labour view of citizenship is nothing more than indoctrination in politically correct ideology How convenient for Gordon Brown to answer the West Lothian question and the disenfranchisement of England by appeals to a phoney British identity.
Kevin McCoy, president of the West Virginia chapter of the American Family Association, called the original program "nothing short of the indoctrination of children to accept the homosexual lifestyle," and said he was pleased with the revisions.
The relocation allows for further growth and professional development of the school, which graduated 249 students from its indoctrination and manager courses in FY 01.
He criticized sectarian indoctrination in public schools in some countries, such as Norway and Argentina, and urged that "public education be scientific and religiously neutral.
The former shaped public thinking to some extent through popularization and indoctrination, while the latter, by making choices as consumers of medical services but also by voicing opinions on all aspects of health care, helped shape public policy and ultimately the behavior of practitioners.
The best argument for retaining the academies seems to be that compared to other commissioning programs they subject their participants to a more thorough and intense indoctrination in the military ethos.
Best known for its time-tested Strategic Selling(R) program, Miller Heiman provides solutions for introducing a consistent sales process throughout an organization, identifying the strengths and weaknesses inherent in every sales force, and ensuring the cultural indoctrination of training programs.
The other main reason is, of course, childhood indoctrination, no doubt with the best of intentions, but I think this is wrong.
SIR - Gwyn Hopkins in his letter (Western Mail, August 26), talks about the appallingly harsh, state-sponsored legal suppression of the language throughout history, compounded by the pro-English indoctrination process experienced during his own education.
Supreme Court precedent, the appeals court concluded that city officials had diverted government aid to what amounted to religious indoctrination.
He said there is no religious indoctrination in the program.