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teaching someone to accept doctrines uncritically

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The real threat, in terms of indoctrination, can come in the insidious form of the charismatic ultra-popular teacher -- one whose charisma, sense of humour, classroom antics, and demonstrative care and concern for the students blind students from what is happening.
WASHINGTON, April 14 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- "Throughout the Iowa Core Curriculum, we have found vague directives that invite political indoctrination, relativist approaches to history and social science, and incomplete and inaccurate lessons on American government.
While the international community has raised alarm over the arrests, there is no sign that Islamabad is working to shut down this infrastructure of hate-mongering and religious indoctrination.
Within these small groups, adherents "underwent indoctrination and systematic, sometimes extended military training in the various branches of guerrilla warfare to qualify as 'active brothers,'" wrote Richard Mitchell in his 1969 study The Society of the Muslim Brothers.
Indoctrination is no part of a teacher's duties and most, I am sure, would not wish it to be.
Most of these churches, constructed in the 16th century by Spanish conquistadors for the religious indoctrination of indigenous people, have been declared historical monuments.
I entered as a youngster rebelling against my disciplinary mother, the loving weakness of my father, and the religious indoctrination of my school.
These award-winning films did double duty, serving both as lightning rods to draw conservative fire (while more subtle indoctrination went on under the radar) and as highly educational pieces for the young boys and girls who could view these TV movies apart from their parents.
The 70day indoctrination course is designed for newly commissioned Navy and Marine Corps officers with little or no prior maintenance experience, selected Naval Air Systems Command-sponsored civilian interns and international military officers.
In dissent, Justice John Paul Stevens pointed out that the "voluntary choice" view of the majority won't wash because it is "quite irrelevant to the question whether the government's choice to pay for religious indoctrination is constitutionally permissible.
a) incarceration (b) forgiveness (c) rehabilitation (d) indoctrination.
Thus the late Imperial Chinese State was more like a modem state than were its European contemporaries in its concern (though sometimes as an aspiration rather than as an operational reality) for moral and ideological indoctrination, the people's welfare and the maintenance of pervasive social control.
We need V-chips, gun control, a revived economy, and new forms of educational indoctrination.
Vouchers thus provide a way to divert public tax money for religious indoctrination.
The same undermining of "official" training and indoctrination into the "real" police culture occurred when he and a group of fellow "boots" assembled for their first tour of duty.