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  • verb

Synonyms for indite

to form letters, characters, or words on a surface with an instrument

to form by artistic effort

Synonyms for indite

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The Nurse meant to say invite; indite means "to compose or write, as a poem." WEBSTER'S, supra note 6, at 973.
My late father was a man of many songs of which I have retained to memory about 60 and to indite these with piano arrangements would involve much time and consequently, a monetary consideration.
Nevertheless, the violence of the speaker's actions invites scrutiny since the exaggerated "perdition" and "slaughter" appear to indite not only the gardener, but also the agricultural scientists who have advocated such drastic measures.
Harrison, allots most of his sixteen pages to discussion of early works, such as Dante Gabriel Rossetti's Art Catholic poems, Christina Rossetti's verses for The Germ, Morris' "The Defence of Guenevere," and finally Swinburne's "Laus Veneris," in which Riede finds a common programmatic effort to indite "poetry about poetry [or] poetic 'mystery' in aesthetic beauty" (p.
Burgess lets the subject of the satire indite and indict himself.
3) Iridite - The last part of the range is the Indite conversion coating products.
His purpose is "neither to indite nor to exculpate, neither to devise spurious logical traps to ensnare every German of murderous Judeophobia nor to devise escape hatches to insulate the Germans from accepting moral responsibility" (5).
This technique was later regularly applied to memorial compositions.(25) In 1525 Willaert composed two honorific motets for Francesco II Sforza, Duke of Milan (Victor io salve and Indite Sfortiadum princeps), each of them elaborating, on a new text, a soggetto cavato (Salve Sfortiarum maxime dux and Vivat dux Franciscus Sfortia felix)(26) Probably around 1547 Willaert's pupil de Rote wrote a Mass on a soggetto cavato in honour of Ercole II d'Este (Missa Vivat felix Hercules).(27)
They will also fight any bid to indite Roy Keane for his alleged headbutt against Moldovan.
they will indite mee for not admitting sicam totam into my bowells, I
Bosworth might also have made things a little easier on the reader: wathaba al-jund becomes "the army rose up in an emeute" (32:134); kana muttasilan bi-rajulin min al-ummal yaktubu lahu is translated "was connected with one of the financial officials, for whom he used to indite correspondence" (33:28).
Benamiouche, directeur de la maison de la culture, 1/2 cette festivit, indite pour sa structure, sera un espace pour les jeunes artistes de Tipasa et des autres wilayas pour exprimer sur scane leur talent d'artiste [c].
Resultados: La variation entre paises en el puntaje del Indice de Esfuerzo del Programa de Planificacion Familiar ha disminuiclo desde los atios setenta; sin embargo, la variation en el Indite de Desarrollo Humano no cambio mucho durante el mismo periodo.
From the French and the Latin, indite, Quite an elegant word that means write, Can be used to relate What's been done.
Thou art not onely to perform thy part, But also mine; as when the league was made Thou didst at once thy self indite, And hold my hand, while I did write.