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Privacy protocols diminish anonymity when they do not provide high levels of indistinguishability between pseudoIDs, as measured by [absolute value of AS], H([absolute value of AS]) and Pt.
Although connected to bodies and their affects, an ontological atmosphere does not engage with the distinction subject/object, but with the indistinguishability between the two.
The adversarial indistinguishability experiment consists of the following steps:
should have jumped down and run for it afoot as soon as he saw them" (8; emphasis mine) but instead runs away "like a white man would" (8-9) and ends up dealing the cards and settling the card game that determines his fate, with arms "that were supposed to be black but were not quite white" (28; emphasis mine), suggesting from the beginning of the novel a figure of nondefinition and indistinguishability as the ultimate threat to the workings of the plantation.
The novelty in our approach is a program to develop our recent discovery that, in some cases of interest, two methods from different areas match in strength: indistinguishability pebble games from mathematical logic, and hierarchies of convex relaxations from mathematical programming.
The term, first coined by Carl Schmitt in 1927 in The Concept of the Political, refers to a state which, in embracing every domain of social life, ultimately results in the indistinguishability of state and society.
78) The concern is mainly due to the notions of target indistinguishability, which is reinforced by the weak and blurred firebreaks between conventional and nuclear deterrence in Chinese strategic thinking.
This vision of provintsiia was to remain strikingly constant from Gogol through Turgenev, Dostoevsky, Chekhov, Sologub and even beyond; a full three decades after Dead Souls, for example, Dostoevsky's Demons presents us with another nameless city, another place characterized by the same overdetermined anonymity signaling the meaninglessness and indistinguishability of all provincial places.
The two horizons of meaning which constitute the juridical as well the religious connotations of the sacred can be schematized in the form of a loop whose two ends, the seemingly divergent trajectories of life and death, salvation and violence, converge in the act of sacrifice or sacralization which according to Esposito "involves crossing over a threshold of indistinguishability between the preservation of life and the production of death [.
People in the 'Murder House', then, die only into a deathless death, reviving the 'hallucinatory redoubling of the same' (28) that merely continues the pervasive repetition that had marked their lives; they become their own clone, marking the indistinguishability of life and death and embodying what Baudrillard calls an 'involutionary' (not evolutionary) trajectory that returns them to 'primitive entropy' and the 'nullification of differences'.
The indistinguishability account results in a merging of the self with the whole which strips the distinctiveness and independence from humans and nonhumans alike.
denotes the computational indistinguishability [6] of two probability ensembles [6].
On the one hand this entails obtaining the indistinguishability of identical particles as a corollary, regardless of which particle in a set could be that actually delocalized in a given uncertainty range; indeed no particle is specifically concerned "a priori".
But the good case and the bad case are introspectively indistinguishable and external world skeptics take this introspective indistinguishability to establish that I cannot know whether I am now in the good case or the bad case; I cannot know whether I have hands or not.
16] As Strangers on a Train (1951) and Psycho (1960), especially, will take up, and later films like Wiiliam Friedkin's Cruising (1980) will re-examine, the theme of the indistinguishability of normative manhood and queer manhood in Hitchcock informs Rope.