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the physical observables, are actually properties of the phase space rather than properties of specific particles, whence the indistinguishability of identical particles here inferred as a corollary of eqs (1,1); (x) the numbers of states are here simply counted; (xi) the positions (1,2) are consistent with the concept of classical coordinate in the limit case [DELTA]x [right arrow] 0, which means that the random local variable [x.
Let AI be an algorithm against the passive indistinguishability of symmetric encryption scheme Y, which has access to a left-or-right encuption oracle and returns a bit.
Where "awakening" demands conquering temporal indistinguishability, Eggers's "falling asleep" is the slumber of one whose past and present co-mingle incoherently.
Davis is inclined to see law as a type of theology also because he recognizes the large area of overlap between religion and law, which in the case of Hinduism amounts to an "essential indistinguishability.
Given Ross's (1974) observation of the near indistinguishability of extremely high slopes (75[degrees]--90[degrees]) and the assumption that a 0[degrees] slope would be correctly identified, one solution to the slope overestimation problem is that people tend to exaggerate the vertical component of a slope to a greater degree than they do the horizontal component.
Mamber argues that, "Scorsese was so successful in re-creating a TV style that once more the parody could lapse into indistinguishability from the backgrounded text.
Although inseparability is a subtle way of addressing the issue, the difference between Kant and Hegel here cannot simply be one of stress or emphasis, and the language of both inseparability and indistinguishability obscure Hegel's dialectical treatment of the problem of the relation between concept and intuition, one that I hope has become evident in our discussion of actuality.
An equally strange contradiction occurs in "La Belle Dame" in which pressurized sexual energies dissipate to the point of indistinguishability between the living and the dead, presence and absence coupled practically without desire in the field of poetry.
This likelihood would seem surprising, given the indistinguishability of the Lincoln results of samples first measured after repeated usage over many years, and then again after a few months of storage.
Following estimation of the multinomial logit model, post-estimation tests of independence and indistinguishability are performed to ensure that the observed categories of food insecurity are statistically independent of one another (Long, 1997).
Their metaphors of visual indistinguishability (I was the same colour and couldn't tell the difference, a yeller-bellied Jap coulda meant me, my inward self was burnt black) turn precisely on the articulation of difference--of the discrepant histories that racism renders invisible.
He proclaimed the indistinguishability of the party and the people; the party with the nation; and that the CPP was supreme over all other institutions.
48) If this is not a statement of the Identity of Indiscernibles, then, at any rate, it is still a statement of the Indistinguishability and Oneness in Substance of Indiscernibles, which if not identity, is clearly the strongest notion of sameness that Aristotle has.
Computer scientists, statisticians, and other technical researchers consider such privacy from such perspectives as privacy-preserving cryptographic protocols, uncertainty and indistinguishability, lessons from behavioral economics, and surveillance of emergent associations.
6) In opposition to this, Lee argues for a radical indistinguishability of worlds, whether art or actual, for art giving up all its pretensions to superior critical insight or moral standing.